giving the forces a bad name??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nutmeg, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. i've recently become aware of someone appearing in magazines with her birth story claiming they had to it all alone cause their hubby couldnt get leave from the army to return for the birth. her dh is actually in the nick (bent copper) does it annoy you??

    it annoys the hell out of me and people (civvies) dont understand why.
  2. I couldn't get compassionate for my own funeral.

    I got better
  3. Not half as annoying as your poor phrasing. Your post would be better if it was at least understandable.
  4. Did he ask for leave? As a father twice over, if I'd had an excuse like that to not be there watching and "supporting" I sure as hell would have forgotten to get the pass in.

    For the second I did at least manage to get to the pub within 20 minutes of it dropping with the "I'd really like to stay and bond with the alien maggot, but you need to rest and that's more important than my needs at the moment" approach.
  5. I didnt understand a word of the first post, how about reposting a readable version.
  6. I think the honourable gentleman is referring to some bint complaining to a magazine that her husband couldnt get leave (from the army) to be with her at the time of birth of her (possibly his as well) child, in a sad effort to get publicity and try to smear shit on the army's good name. However, it then turned out that the aforementioned bint's husband was actually a disgraced ex-policeman doint time for being a bent bastard.
  7. In which case he deserved to go down if be was bent.
  8. Well he certainly will be bent now. Bent over a table with some big (I would say black, but at the expense of being called a racist, I shant) bugger kicking his back doors in now
  9. This pic springs to mind.

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