Giving politics a jerk

I found this poster all over the street in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

At first i thought Maxy boy might be offering a service however it turns out he's running for mayor. Theres loads of scope for slogans in his campaign "A Good Bloke with a FIRM STROKE" would give out the right message. Imagine how bloody cruel it would have been if his parents had moved to the UK whilst he was at school! If i were him, i'd take my revenge on the world by having 3 children and naming them Soapy Tit, Dog and Pokey Bum respectively.

Comedy German names, they never get tiring!
It seems my Max photo is popular. Its just been linked to on another forum on the weekly newsletter!


Bloody copyright thieving pikey bastards!!! (says boney hastily kicking his mp3 collection under the desk!)
Does the word wank have a meaning in German? It would be intresting to know the family history with a name like that.

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