Giving it big licks

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Omni, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. After spending some time Blandford "School" of Sigs. What the fk is going on here?? I keep seeing phase 2's strutting around giving it big licks to members of the civilian staff as if they own the camp (most of which are ex military), to my dismay there is nothing the civvy staff can do.

    Today a phase 2 was given a pressup position for being a tw*t in lesson. The civvy staff had given him several fair warnings that his behaviour wasnt acceptable. Yet the sig proceeded to act up and after his punishment he put in a compaint to his troop staff saying something like he has been "put in a stress position during lessons".

    I'm still relativly new to the army, so my question is: what would happen at a working unit if a similar situation arouse? would the little c*nt get what he deserved? When i've spoken to people in other regiments its just not tolerated, why is this a young soldier holding no rank and limited knoledge about his trade aloud to walk around thinking he is 10 men and give sh1t to someone who has served way more than him and probably forgotten more about his trade than he's learnt during his short time in the Army?
  2. edited first post as it was a bit confusing
  3. Approach your Yo/Fo person and ask said individual not be included in your lessons due to his disruptive/disrespectful behavior.

    The guy sounds a male hen of the highest order.
  4. Ok i'm a bit thick please excuse my ignorance, but Yo/Fo person? what does that mean? if thats anything to do with troop staff it wont work as the sig in question is a brown nose and the troop staff seems to think that the sun shine from their "arrse" ?
  5. Don't you mean 'big licks'? tool.
  6. 150+ views and 1 useful comment?
  7. To be frank, your post was poorly written and implied your information was at least third hand.

    I have only recently completed my colour service of 26 years and my last 4 years was in Blandford. Admittedly, I was not involved in instruction but I did have regular contact with young trainees and I personally did not come across this sort of behaviour.

    I also know a number of the civilian instructors and as you pointed out were ex-military and I knew them from their time in the military. I find it very difficult to believe that they would stand for that treatment.

    Your post seems to be more hearsay than actual fact and even if it was true I would like to think that the civilian instructors would have more than enough experience and knowledge to sort this out with the military cadre.

    Please be sure of your FACTS before you make posts like this.
  8. Civvy staff cannot dish out physical punishments to soldiers.

    When this has been a problem at my corps' trade school, the civvy staff go to a military instructor who tunes in said soldier. This usually does the trick. If it didn't, then get them on an SRB and bin them for attitude.

    They will soon wind their necks in when faced with the prospect of being binned.
  9. i'm 100% sure of what happened between the civvy staff and the sig in question. I made this post before reading cheesybeans post about the state of Blandford, and if anything it just backs up what he says about phase 2's being aloud to get away with almost anything they like.
  10. What he said. Get over yourself FFS.
  11. fair comment,

    so it must be ok for phase 2's to go around giving sh1t to any civvy or staff they like because everyone else has a smelly finger
  12. Shit rolls down hill, pile some at the top of the hill(maybe an officer?), it will roll towards said individual...might even pick up speed and grow too 8)