Giving in to terrorists: would it happen now?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steamywindow, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. I found this whilst being a nerd. For some reason, it isn't something I ever heard about whilst I was in. Any tankies aware of this sorry tale, and also what would be the situation today if, say, we tried to co-operate with Saudi Arabia for financial gain on a military project, and the Israelis objected violently?

    In 1966 the British needed money in order to complete the development of their new tank of the future, the Chieftain, with its 120mm cannon. This tank was designed to be the strongest and most modern in the west. In view of their financial constraints they proposed a "package deal". According to this deal, Israel would buy hundreds of obsolete Centurion tanks. The UK would allow Israel to participate in the final stages of Chieftain development, would sell Israel Chieftains, and would help Israel build, in Israel, an assembly line for Chieftains. This was seen as an ideal solution to the unacceptable predictions regarding the Mid-Eastern armor balance from both quantitative and qualitative points of view. Israeli cooperation with the British lasted for about three years. Two prototypes of the Chieftain tank were delivered to Israel. Israel invested heavily in the improvement and final development of the Chieftain in close cooperation with British officers and engineers. However, Arab states intervened. They threatened Britain with sanctions, with pulling their monetary reserves out of British banks, and other actions. Demonstrations were held in Arab capitals and British embassies were attacked. In November 1969 Britain withdrew from its Chieftain deal with Israel.

  2. In answer to the question just take a look at Northern Ireland as terrorists walk free from jail and 'former' terroists hold political office. And the winners are ........................?
  3. Suspect it had more to do with Israel being able to get M60's free (or cheap) from the US after 1967-8 or so. If you know the real history of Israel (not the distorted version we get in the media) you'd know that the US only started supporting Israel in 1968-9, because Israel dveloped nuclear weapons at that time (with not a little help from the French) and the US wanted to ensure Israel had such conventional superiority over its neighbours that it would never be forced to use them (which might have drawn in the USSR and led to a global apocalypse).
  4. Hi Andy!

    According to your logic, as Israel has conventional superiority over its neighbours now then US should stop supporting Israel and develop at least a balansed approach to the ME problem.
  5. Erm, it has a conventional superiority because the US makes it so. The US does this so Israel doesn't have to resort to nukes. None of the other countries in the region have nukes.
  6. Not til the middle of next week anyway :)
  7. Suppose that Iran would develop nuclear weapons then what would be American reaction? To create Iranian coventional superiority?