Gives the Public Sector a Bad Name

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Boris3098, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Completely malicious comment coming up. I bet he was real popular on the way up through the ranks.
  2. So he was promoted to big chief in April and retired in May .......... The whole public sector needs reforming in a big way.
  3. How depressingly unsurprising.
    If frontline staff had screwed up like this an infraction of the discipline code would have been found in order to sack them.
    Tip of the iceberg this.
  4. This is a typical story of many top dog's like him, and quite clearly demonstrates that we are NOT all in this recession together, only the masses of the working class are.
  5. Reads like they screwed up not him.
  6. He was actually contracted for another five years. They missed that out.
  7. To b e fair he did put in his application to retire in 2009 with his retirement date to be May 2010... However I bet he sought legal advice to accept promotion to top dog and then still expect to retire the following month. To me he accepted the promotion wanting to screw the system.

    and I bet his pension is now that of a chief fire officer to boot :(
  8. You're mis reading it chaps. He was CFO for five years or so.
    When his replacement was employed in April 2010 the authority realised they'd screwed up. The then had TWO CFOs on full pay for six months.
  9. And no heads will roll.
  10. Golly no!
    The person who made the decision has......................................................
  11. Another reason why the FB should be brought more in to line with the working practices of the Armed Forces... no strikes, no unions. Just one big happy family, nationwide.
  12. Another reason?

    What are the first ones?
  13. True nationwide fire and rescue coverage, offering better responses to major emergencies/contingencies.
    Better use of the nations wedge, esp for expensive items.
    No strikes.
    No union to 'force' management descisions affecting national safety/service.

    In fact count that twice, I feel it is importnat t remove the ability to strike and unions calling the shots on a fire and rescue service covering the nation.