Given too much foreign currency by mistake.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by semper, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. went to Travel agent last week to buy some foreign money and was counted out to me, I accepted and signed paper work, etc

    Went back today to buy some more currency of a different Country, they asked whether I got a letter as I was given $100 more than I should have, I should get $110 instead when I went home and checked I discovered I got £210, my paperwork said "$110 paid out at this rate etc"
    since I haven't yet seen the letter I would imagine it is a letter to ask for the $100 back.

    Should I be worried that they may try some strong arm action or tell them tough your mistake and ignore the letter if it arrives.

    sensible advice please
  2. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Risk court action and a conviction (possibly) for the sake of £50? Don't be daft, just give it back. Everybody makes mistakes.
  3. If the letter arrives:

    Give them a call, acknowledge receipt of the letter and that you are indeed in receipt of the excess amount.

    Advise them that you will be available at home at a particular date and time to allow them to collect it - otherwise you will be prepared to return it but will deduct expenses, e.g. 2x taxi @ £10 plus 2 hours of your time @ £15/hr.

    Doubtless the manager will phone back and tell you that you can keep it.

    Honesty is always the best policy, but you shouldn't end up paying for somebody else's mistakes.

    Of course, if it's one of these places that has a notice "Please check your change as mistakes cannot be rectified later".......
  4. Send it to me. I will give it to them the next time I am in there as I need to change some Sterling for my trip to Gib next month
  5. No you don't. Fibber!
  6. Return the money asap and get a receipt from them for it.
    If you actually have to struggle to think about what the right thing to do is then please don't ever rant on here about the state of the nation again ok?! :)
  7. Just give it back, it's not difficult to be honest (Unless you're a politician of course) the person who inadvertantly gave you the money could well have it deducted from their pay if their till was short.
  8. couldnt agree more people make mistakes and the fact your having to make a plee on here for other people to make the choice for you?????? just give it back get a recipt end of story. Is it really that hard and people wonder why this country has gone to the dogs :x
  9. Next time you go in, take the money in, and give it back. Get a receipt.
  10. Not being a mong mate, just wanted to clarify the legal position.
    as was mentioned earlier, "

    "check your change as mistake will not be rectified."
    should work both ways if you ask me.

    Incidentally checking my receipt, they put the wrong address on, they misheard my post code. which is why I haven't got the letter.
  11. never intended to inply you were a mong sorry if thats the inpression you got but on your point of "check your change" clearly you didnt or you would have noticed at the counter you had too much. sounds like you had a right dizzy blond serving you lol
  12. I must be the only one kep the money
  13. About the check your change thing.

    In most places this is more of a warning. At a shop I used to work in, we just used to take their name and count up at the end of the day. If we were up what they said we were owing htem, we'd give it them back next time they came in.

    No immediate refunds though.
  14. I can't believe the number of replies that advise rushing back to the shop in order to correct THEIR error. It's their mistake, so they should be the ones inconvenienced.

    Trying to keep the cash is wrong. You may think that your conscience will suffer for at least - oh - 10 minutes but then the realisation will dawn that they may try to get the cash back through the courts - and this could turn out to cost you more than the sum involved.

    Best to put your hand up, then your conscience is clear. But let them do the rushing around. It could work to your advantage if they decide that the sum is too small for them to pursue. And let's face it, few companies would be willing to spend much more than a couple of hours recovering £50.

    If they think they're dealing with a mug, on the other hand, they'll be quite happy for you to screw up your plans for a day, pay for the travel to return the cash to the shop and, if you're lucky, accept apologies from the store manager. It's equally likely that they'll end up making you feel responsible for the mistake in the first place.
  15. My thinking too. as much as I have got a conscience, I know that big companies don't.
    I will wait out and see what they say if they ever catch up with me, like you said maybe not for £50 effort cost/ratio, if they do, I will ask them to come to my house to pick it up :) which incidently I doubt it as they got the wrong address also they will have to prove I have got the extra $100 as my invoice says otherwise.

    I am basically an honest person myself yet I am cynical enough to know that all companies if they can will try to screw you out of any money in anyway they can for nothing.

    so for now will wait out and see what they come up with.