Given The Run Around

My application is taking fcuking ages with the army doctors fcuking around and taking 3 1/2 weeks before even looking at my meds (no reason for this given) and i was told on monday they were sending me a letter asking for more medical information, its now thursday and still no letter from them.

Has anyone else been given the run around like this?? do the army actually want new recruits??

This is really chopping down my morale for joining up and i feel that ill never get to ADSC let alone Basic..... :x
ADSC are at full capacity at the moment with recruits, you are not the only one in this situation. I know myself it is very frustrating to be waiting around but just sit tight and once you find out your clear you wont even be bothered about all the waiting you've had to do.
Ever thought that maybe you're not as important as your ego thinks you are? Those docs will be seeing 1000's of little spunkers such as yourself. Your bone signature even states that your application was only started in April. Patience is a virtue.
Welcome to our daily lives in the Army. Nothing happens instantly, there are only a few Dr's looking at many, many applications.
They also have to look at all the letters sent in by various people saying 'just because I'm blind/deaf/epileptic and have been told I can't join but I think that's dead unfair'
Don't forget the Dr's don't deliver your mail, that is what the Royal Mail does.

Hurry up and wait.
Thanks for the replies guys, my ego is not big at all thanks 5 alpha, im assuming im not good enough as it is and training hard to become the best possible recruit.

Ill bite my lip and chin up :D

Hurry up and wait lol
maybe there taking there time becuase so many people are joining atm ?.
its been there highest number of recruits joining up for years.

blame it on the credit crunch lol
HAH! i first walked into the AFCO in decembre last year and still waiting for my reply to my medical appeal (i was deferred for something i can't possibly've inherited :roll: )
More training time. Always a blessing. Patience is something your going to need in the army, show that you have such skills now.
same boat i sent mine in on the 16th may i believe it was, but no garauntees the docs sent it back that day or even a week later its out of your hands now mate just have to wait they aint even looked at mine yet!
My medical took 5 months due to a deferral etc. I started my application before the recession and the massive influx in applications as well :D, just grit your teeth and bear it mate. Hopefully the information they need, wont be extensive and you can get cracking straight away.

Alot of people agree that once your medical's done, everything goes at hyperspeed usually (if your fit enough) compared to before the medical.
Theralas said:
Alot of people agree that once your medical's done, everything goes at hyperspeed usually (if your fit enough) compared to before the medical.
Yes that is true, once my meds were cleared I flew thorugh the process and had a start date the day after selection.
keep your chin up old bean 8)

So far up to now I've been in a similar situation to yourself. It does seem to be taking a long time to get through recruitment. I have been cleared on my med forms now, but I was starting to get a little bit worried it's only natural. It is a very exciting time and waiting around does put a damper on things.

Hope everything goes well for you, and they clear your meds soon.
Welcome to the part of the process that recruiters hate and the part that stops us recruiting at a pace we would like ;)

All RG8 questionnaires get screened and piled in either fit to continue (i.e. not answered yes to any questions) or further info required, they then get filed in either accepted and the further info piles then get screened for rejections and even further info.

Imagine the files that need further info get passed from a civilian doctor to a civil servant for a letter to be typed and then passed on to a mail system that only gets collected once a day and the wait starts to add up, all the while the recruiter just gets told "further info required"

It can be a nightmare for some and no problem for others.

the problem at the moment is compounded by the fact that the medical wings of the ADSC are having to deal with an increased volume of applications and there isnt the funding for more temporary staff to screen the questionnaires, so those that are fit to continue get zoomed along and those that require further info are dealt with at a normal pace (meaning as quick as they can with minimal resources).

It isnt an ideal situation but that's life, you dont employ people temporarily each time you get an unforseen rush on recruiting, bearing in mind that by and large public opinion tends to drive people into the office, its not something you can really aim off :)

Hang in there :)
thanks you lot!!! hope other new recruits can take some solace from this thread!!

3 1/2 weeks is nothing i had to wait 3months and others longer, be patient, it will be worth it in the end. Take the spare time to improve your fitness read your job profiles etc. And just stay positive!!
Luton AFCO was extremely quick my application, mod edit was incredibly efficient

Whilst a recruiter may, arguably, be more open to the general public, it's still not a good idea to throw names around. Glad he was a good egg though, as someone else suggested, crate the bloke - he'll appreciate the gesture.

ryan.rackley said:
Luton AFCO was extremely quick my application, My fabulous recruiter was incredibly efficient
It isn't the AFCO that process your medical, if yours has gone through quick it may well have been top of the pile when it landed on the GP's desk, and you shouldnt really be posting the names up of your recruiter or where they are working, its called PERSEC ;)
Take his name off silly boy, and it might be worth unquoting him yourself five to do, if you want to show gratitude Ryan drop him off a crate before you leave for depot
strange development today guys, phoned my doctors to ask if they'd received the letter requesting more information and they said yes they'd sent it to ADSC on the 29th of may, but the ADSC said they didnt look at my meds till the 1st of june.

Bit strange eh guys!! :scratch:

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