Given the choice, how would you punish a kiddy fiddler?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Narcoleptic_Fish, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Okay, a bit of a wierd question here, but I've recently found out that one of my neighbours beat their kid up so violently, that he had to have an operation. Needless to say that I was absolutely fcuking angry and I really wanted to rip his stupid worthless head off, BUT I decided he wasn't worth going to prison for, even if I would've done anything for the poor kid. So I thought I would ask you guys that if, given the choice and the freedom to do absolutely anything you wanted to kiddy fiddlers and child abusers, what would you do?
  2. paedophiles can get mandatory neutering in the states, watched this documentary where the guy got his balls cut out and he never had any sexual impulses again.
  3. Execution - you can also add Chav shop lifters onto that list as well
  4. I think they only get chemicaly castrated and unfortunly it doesn't always work, Unlike cutting their heads off which seem to have a 0% re-offending rate.
  5. I'd go for an old Chinese method I vaguely remember reading of. Tie fine cord nooses around the kiddy fiddler's wrists, ankles and balls. Suspend said kiddy fiddler from the other end of the cords (a convenient tree or lamp post will do) and leave the scum to consider the error of his/her ways.

    Specific cases may suggest more appropriate remedies, such as that Austrian from a couple of months back, for whom being buried alive in his own cellar seems massively fitting.
  6. After seeing the latest Rambo film the receiving end of a .50 cal Browning would be a good start.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You are being far too complicated here chaps. Once charged simply lock them up in a normal prison wing rather than the Remand wing. Hey presto, job done, and you have the added bonus of saving the cost of a trial at the same time!
  8. Piano wire wrapped around the pervert's Jacob's, end of the wire attached to a horse's collar.

    Now, just lift up the horse's tail and put a bunch of nettles next to his arrsehole and drop the tail back into position.
  9. Let's kill them all.

    No, let's rape them first, then kill them.

    How about having them raped, beaten up, lit on fire, then killed?

    Raped, beaten up, lit on fire, limbs sliced off and fed to them, then killed - that'll do it.

    I'm more outraged than anyone else about paedos and I can think up worse punishments.
  10. Thats not fair on the horse.
  11. They're, ' All off ' in the Grand National.
  12. Make them AIs in the cadets. Death by worn knob, horrible.
  13. Worse, make them CIs in the Air Cadets - death by a 1000, boring, STIs.
  14. Talking of worn out knobs, where's Semper nowadays?
  15. Monkey tennis?