Give your MP a wake up call, and check snout trough depth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Saw a link to this posted by Cpl ripper on the Military tattoo page

    Find out what your MP is up to, what they've voted in, what their agenda is, what questions they have raised in Parliament on your behalf

    And of course how deep they have their nose in the trough!!

    Interesting fact number one

    William Hague made over half a million quid last year (a conservative estimate) in other engagements (after dinner speaking to industry mainly)

    Who is dishing your MP cash and has it influenced their questions to the house.

    Plus it has a spiffy "send your MP an email" section

    very interesting

    Apologies if this has been on a previous thread, couldn't find one on the search function
  2. Good post and an unintentional pun, brilliant.
  3. I have in the past (and still do), used that very website to stay in contact with my MP (fortunately not a labour MP anymore :D ) and find it to be most useful!

    Keep up the good work. Make them work for you!
  4. Would it be rude to ask a mod to sticky this or a similar post, or at least the website so arrsers could be directed on mass to zap their relevant MP's about topical arrse topics/campaigns

    Just a thought

    The(newly politicised)Gimp
  5. Its plainly obvious that being an MP is a part-time job.
  6. I'm bumping this because I think its worthwhile

    Just reminded of PWRR and Cimic house, below is an example of house of parliament debate from May 04 (All documented on the site below)

    "Geoff Hoon (Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence) Link to this | Hansard source

    As I believe was suggested earlier, it is extraordinarily difficult to count precisely the numbers killed or injured when engaging coalition forces. Perhaps I could give my hon. Friend an example from recent events. Yesterday, British forces were attacked in al-Amarah with 15 mortar rounds. I am pleased that they were able to respond effectively. Two British soldiers were wounded and several militia—we estimate 30, but that is necessarily an estimate that cannot be made with great precision—were killed. The right hon. and learned Member for North-East Fife (Sir Menzies Campbell) came pretty close to suggesting that British forces in that position were required to go back into danger and ordered to count the dead bodies of those who had attacked them in the first place. I simply appeal to him to be realistic.

    Add your comment

    Menzies Campbell (Fife North East, Liberal Democrat) Link to this | Hansard source

    If that was the inference that the right hon. Gentleman derived from what I said, let me say that I did not intend in any circumstances to give that impression. There is, however, a legitimate question as to whether we keep a count of the civilian casualties, because of their nature and because of the consequences for public opinion in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east.

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    Geoff Hoon (Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence) Link to this | Hansard source

    The right hon. and learned Gentleman leapt to his feet in a passable display of indignation, but I wonder how he would, in practice, do what he suggests. It is all very well to make these suggestions, but somebody actually has to do it. I have said that we do our very best to make a reasonable estimate of the number of casualties, but when soldiers come under attack, they return fire. They cannot be expected to go back and count precisely how many people they have killed.

    Add your comment"

    You can get an alert every time your MP/Councilors/MEP Speaks, presents a written question, debates, farts or f-cks his secratary
  7. What about MP paul Flynn asking about SA80 A2 in Helmand

    "Paul Flynn (Newport West, Labour) Hansard source

    To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will take steps to equip all British troops in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, with the standard personal weapon issued to the SAS."

    Not neccesarily the right question, from a chap who probably knows little about weapons, but it has been asked (No need to start another SA80 thread) MPs are there and do appear to be doing something........GOOD OR BAD

    Look up your MP, what do they think about the NHS, Iraq, Immigration, Soldiers, Swimming pools and the price of fish

    Don't wait for the F-CKers to spin it in the media get it first hand and make your own mind up