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 :'(Plese Can someone get a decent under 18's disco sorted on Larnaca Strip? Or maybe within DHK Garrison?


Mr Wars - are you really 15yrs old or are you just making out you are a child, when really you're a wrinkly old man and requesting under 18's disco's so you can go and perv?
Trust me, ask anyone from BFC how s*** it is for people under 18. We preferably would like something to do on friday and saturday nights. I am really under 18 an would like more opinions on this.
You could try organising something?

Being under 18 doesn't mean you can't have a good time, though Booze might be an issue....
If at first you don't succeed........ surely there is some kind of youth worker type who will more than happily organise something for you? How about hiring out the beach cafe or something - beach disco and all that?  Thinking a bit bigger, how about a mini Cafe del Cyp?   8)  
Drugs.......that's what the kids of today need!  None of your mamby pamby 'hash' etc!  Get straight in at the top kid.....Class A hallucinegenics........40 Regals and half a dozen cans of White Lightening.....and a fcuk you'll know you've had a good night out!  

Now stop your whining and get those dishes done before your mum gets back.


PS.  If someone does know of an under 18's disco........l'd be interested!
TOO TRUE!! However there really hard to get hold of out here!! U in BFC??


War Hero

Ma...  You know better than that (even if it is a little amusing)
He cant help but tell the truth!!!  :eek:Though it is really hard to get some out here!! If you know what I mean  ;)
I really hope you mean Cider T_U_W

"Winners don't use drugs"
Then what happened to most of #####******
 Better not mention that.  

Go see the Welfare Officer he might not be able to score you some good gear but he could help you organise some sort of activity.  It is part of his job.

Now get to bed you've got school in the morning

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