give up the car for public transport? not a chance

my car died on me yesterday and for the first time in years i had to use public transport to get to work.

i got a rude driver who wouldnt look me in the eye and vitually threw my change back at me :x . he couldnt answer me as to the bus's route and made a grand prix start before i had taken my seat.

the bus stank of vomit,urine and cigarette smoke. the seats were filthy and too narrow for my height forcing me to sit sideways. i had asked the driver to let me know where i had to get off to catch my second bus but he "forgot" making me have to walk the route back 3 stops. he had 4 other passengers one of whom was drunk and had wet himself.

it took me an hour and a half for a journey that normally takes me 10 minutes to complete

our government wants us to give up the car to use public transport? not a chance :x
i bus every day into work
not too bad, £22 a week instead of £40-50 for petrol & parking

theres always some doris sat at the front eating porridge from a bowl though
yesterday she was on the bus going home eating a fcuckin salad too
does she have nowhere to sit in her house & eat?

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