Give this Judge the job of writing sentencing guidelines, nice work Yer Honour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Finally one I agree with you on BB - well done your Judgeness....
  2. I appreciate the judge may end up busy, but could we not get him in on every murder/manslaughter?

    Alright, maybe just for the sentencing?
  3. Just have mandatory full-life terms for all pre-meditated murder.

    Then judges wouldn't get the choice!
  4. agreed
  5. or hanging
  6. Nope - no death penalty until such time as you can undead somebody wrongly convicted.
  7. British justice doesn't make any sense.

    These get around 30 odd years apiece but many others who commit murder get less than half that.

    It would be cheaper to put a 9mm round into their foreheads.
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  8. I know where you're coming from BB, but in cases like this for example I don't have a problem with a death sentence.
  9. I think there's already a death penalty thread running!
  10. Double Jeopardy?
  11. Would you give the death penalty for someone who killed a violent drug dealer, or a rapist, or are you just saying execute/kill all those who kill another, whatever the reason?

    I'm not saying that these four deserve to live, but there are many shades of grey when it comes to homicide, and simply saying execute all murderers doesn't favour true justice.
  12. It makes perfect sense if you're not a thick Para.

    Only joking, I know you're not a Para anymore :-D
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  13. Nice idea but it will need some research.....perhaps we could hang a few rightfully convicted types and then reanimate them later.....before hanging them again.....solely for research purposes naturally!