Give them their gongs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fozzy, Mar 8, 2005.

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    This is unacceptable. A BADGE? Either strike a campaign medal or give them a clasp to the 39-45 star.

    The massive contribution that Artic Convoys made must not be forgot.
  2. Why should Tony be bothered about this? there are no votes in it-far better to waste more tax-payers' money on crap like olympic bids and waste in public services. We live in a country governed by people for whom the word honour has ceased to exist.
  3. I would have thought a clasp to the Atlantic star would have been appropriate.

    I note they only talk of the convoys but i wonder what the criteria would be? Active service within the Arctic Circle perhaps? How about the RNs efforts to keep the German surface fleet in check in Northern Norway?
  4. Don't expect anything less from New Labour, they detest the Military...even the Vetereans from WW2 they treat with loathing and contempt :evil:

    As long as this pile of shiit is still in power then the Arctic Convoy Vets will never get the medal they rightfully deserve
  5. Because TBLiar has said 'No' to giving these few remaining old salts a gong, I instinctively say 'give 'em a gong you mean gutless civvy cnut', but on reflection, a clasp to the Atlantic Star would seem the most appropriate or an iceberg shaped rosette or some such to be worn on the ribbon rather like the Falklands thing. Or is this the 'badge' he was bleating about?

    A whole campaign star would be overkill (no pun intended), this would lead to allsorts of claims for this and that gong from folk, doubtless brave and deserving of recognition, who were involved in, on the scale of the whole war, minor scraps here there and everywhere. In those days due to the numbers involved and the, in this day and age, incomprehensible number of theatres active at any one time, war service, active or otherwise was swept up by The Defence Medal, The War Medal, and any number of relevant Stars. MIDs awarded where necessary as well as the standard gallantry medals/crosses/orders.

    There is a danger of applying today's almost American obsession with dishing gongs out for anything vaguely warlike. There are serving soldiers at present with upward of 7 shiny clankers on their chests, some awarded for little more than barrack duties but in a foriegn land. What's wrong with the old notion of the General Service Medal and relevant clasps like what we 'ad when we was young?
  6. Cdo gunner is right:

    It would be a clasp to the Atlantic Star which specifically covers the 'convoys to North Russia' but only one clasp can be awarded per star. The other clasps to the Atlantic Star represent other stars the recipient could have received, but in the case of the Africa Star they represent different parts of the theatre.

    The convoys have been commemorated by the Atlantic Star. In fact their service was commemorated by the 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.

    Do we want to campaign for a specific medal for Arnhem? covered but not 'commemorated' by the France & Germany Star.

    I do really feel that these men and women have a valid point but the decision not to commemorate the campaign with a specific star was made in the context of the time. Is it appropriate to question the King's and RN's decision? With the distance of time past we might think we know more about a particular campaign, but did that campaign stand out any more than any other at the time?[/b]
  7. I am all for giving these gallant old salts a bar/rossete to the Atlantic Star. The point that was put fwd by the Old navy Commander this morning on the Today programme this morning was very valid. A badge is not enduring thu history wheras a medal or bar is formally recognised into the future. I can not see why this has turned into such a problem. Lets recognise our veterans and the contribution they have made to todays society - at least the Americans get that right. :x
  8. What about an emblem that can be worn on the medal & ribbon, oak leaf for MiD and rosette for Falklands exclusion zone etc?.

    If there were a clasp it should have iciles hanging of it.

    What were the qualifications for the Polar Medal, might that not be extended to allow for the hardships suffered?. The Atlantic Star has already been issued, so it all comes down to what extra.

    Certainly their efforts have been undervalued (as with most servicemen), but I for one think that something should be done, and an "emblem" is just not on.

    What a prat Tony is !! - as if we needed to be reminded.
  9. How could we forget - undervalued , underpaid, overworked but still able to to adapt to any situation. TBLair could learn a few valuable lessons. :roll:
  10. Don't forget that Bliar could be ignoring a large voting block - "The Grey Vote". Surely those folk would be influenced by the lack of respect shown by the govt. Says he hopefully anyway!
  11. Clasps to the Atlantic star are denoted by a rosette when the ribbon is worn alone.

    The Polar Medal (replacing the Arctic Medal because is covers Arctic and Antractic expeditions) is not a campaign medal. It is specifically for expeditions to the poles. Hardship yes, combat no!

    The way this is being handled is poor but I think they've got their medals.
  13. Just sailing round that way deserves a bl00dy medal, never mind all of the gits trying to sink you as well! 8O
  14. just wondering why they didn't get a medal at the time??? I'm not familar with the history here, in fact I didn't even realise there were artic convoys to Russia until this morning... Is it possible that the King/RN were reluctant to emphasise any connections to Russia because the iron curtain was descending? Or did the awarding of medals predate the iron curtain... Were these men denied medals for necessary - but ultimately politcal - reasons?

    Was very impressed with the commander on the radio this morning... well able to argue his point...

  15. Just moving this thread back into the limelight, as some plonker has started another similar one!!