Give that girl a medal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slipperman, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Let's hear it for Claire Lomas, who has just reached Canary Wharf today, ten days after starting the London Marathon. Claire was paralysed from the chest down in a freak riding accident and is hoping to complete the marathon course using a specially adapted computer controlled robotic suit. She is not expected to complete her walk for another week, but continues to raise money for charity along the way. Unbelievably, due to new rules introduced this year, anyone taking over 24 hours to complete the course is ineligible for the completion medal! Unlike the NDM, I think this may be a cause worth supporting. Keep it up Claire, you are a star.

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  2. Give the robotic legs a medal, they are doing most of the work.

    Is she wearing the NASA technotrousers as featured in Wallace and Grommit 'the wrong trousers'?
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  3. I bet that claire chick got a medal and she didnt even finish, this is a much more worthy cause and a greater achievement and deserves more support. Anyone here do the marathon and want to giver her your medal? Would be a media coup for arrse.
  4. How freaky is sitting on top of a large, powerful, unpredictable and stupid animal?
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  5. Quite right too! It's a ******* race. Not a "who can spaz it round in as long a-time as they see fit"
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  6. Somebody needs to go on a touchy-feely course. Do they still have those Church courses? As I recall they were deemed one of the best dosses going, provided you didn't mind a bit of happy clapping.
  7. And what's that bloke behind her doing?
  8. I went on one of those. Well, I thought it was. Apparently "touchy-feely" isn't appropriate when you're hosting a kids birthday party dressed as Ronald McDonald.

    ******* her, but she can't feel it.
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  9. By the look on her face she bloody can
  10. Pretty freaky when it's the candidate for MrsPlume in the early 2000s...
  11. I deliberately avoided putting this in the NAAFI bar, but it seems I wasted my time.
  12. You binned her when she got turned into a raspberry? You jack ****.
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  13. Ooops, sorry slippers. Move it to Athletes you would thread maybe?
  14. This will be you in a few hours.......

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  15. Now that made me laugh, but I'm f*cked if I'm going to give you a like for it!
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