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Give our injured mates a fighting chance

Thanks for your support guys.

A_J I might end up carrying my bike unless I get a new one!!

If anyone wants to donate/lend me a road bike I would appreciate it or is that a bit too necky!!

You know the old cleche "If you don't ask........."




If you require any admin support for your team, give me a shout!

Very worth while cause, good luck with your training :D

Just a quick update.

I have managed to convince some of my workmates (all REME) to tag along on the bike ride, so if you decide to to sponsor me, you are now sponsoring my team.

Don't worry, that doesn't mean you pledge your money four times, unless you want to of course!!

All donations gratefully received.
Great news (well for me anyway!)

I have actually been accepted for the Big Battlefield Bike Ride, the 7 day cycle through the battlefields of France, raising money for Help for Heroes.

Therefore I will no longer be doing the Arborfield to the Cenotaph cycle; I will be going a little bit further!

Team REME will still be doing the Great British Hero cycle minus me, but I will see them at Blackheath at the end of my epic!

So please give generously if you have not already sponsored me. I have updated my website which can be accessed by clicking the Just Giving link below.

Many thanks



I have contacted a numeber of cycling shops for sponsorships etc. and am pleased to report that a former RD CSM who now owns his own cycle shop in Bordon is willing to offer me support for my charity.

I will going to visit him in his shop this week to see what he can do for me and will keep you posted.

I feel his shop deserves a mention:


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