Give MPs more respect says TCH

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. TCH should know by now that he is called TCH for a number of reasons...

    He is a liar
    He is incompetent
    He treats Parliament with contempt
    He has the personal qualities of a louse, and contributed to the suicide of a man and evaded later responsibility
    He is not even fit for the European Parliament!

    This man has a lesser chance of gaining "respect" than Harold Shipman has of simultaneously chairing Age Concern and the British Medical Association!,9061,1498371,00.html

  2. Just in case the electorate have forgotten how Mr's decisions impact upon them, perhaps TCH wold care to remind us:

    - how many new taxes have been introduced
    - how many soldiers have been killed in Bliar's adventure
    - how many soldiers couldn't vote (perhaps, if they're not voters, they don't need to know...)
    - how many NI terrorist murderers have been released
    - how many illegal immigrants have not been deported

    and so on, and so on....

    Respect is, of course, earned, so perhaps some politicians already get the respect they deserve.
  3. Look how much respect he was paying, while pi$$ing down some downtrodden Tommie' back MoDNews
  4. i only got taught one thing about respect.

    its not's earnt.
  5. Either incredibly thick skinned or truly away with the fairies...
  6. How can you respect people who blatantly lie, cajole others to do so, get caught out, do the same again, bully public officials (Chief Constable Notts Police for example) into 'their' way of thinking, lie to the country constantly, attempt to rig elections (postal vote anyone) stab each other in the back...............fcuk, need I go on.

    I will never respect a politician. Particularly a Labour one. These people don't respect us, that's why they lie to us. They are a bunch of contemptous b*stards, particularly that c*nt Hoon, who now has the audacity to even believe that he and his ilk deserve any form of respect.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Just shows what a to$$er he is. I am trying to get my Warrant re-signed as people just take the pi$$ when they see his signature block at the bottom.
  8. As I was taught there are two vital aspects to leadership, respect and loyalty. Respect must be hard earnt and easily lost. Loyalty is a two way street and if undermined can almost never recover. If you lose these two then you cannot lead.
  9. Too right, GS. That's why the to**er's no longer DefSec and has been shunted off to a non-job playing sheepdog to MPs.
  10. Mine is still in the cardboard tube.........where, because of that c*nt's signature, it shall remain evermore! I am so anti this man, I can't bear to have my most prized award on display.........even in the lavvy!
  11. Pompous Neu Arbeit quisling.
  12. Respect is earned never demanded or requested
  13. Hoon says MPs deserve "respect". In other news: Kim Jong-il in call for nuclear disarmament...Pope stands up for women's rights...Jacques Chirac praises "dynamic force of unfettered capitalism" in TV address...Will Bush win Nobel Prize for Physics?

    That utter, total ****. If he wants respect for MPs, he should practice it himself. Remember when he told Parliament all the soldiers on Telic had their desert kit? Liar.
  14. If it wasn't so absolutely hypercritical, this would be absolutely hilarious!

    Just think about it for a few seconds - the SecDef who holidayed in Switzerland, (because he was tired and rundown, according to his wife!), while the armed forces he was (supposedly) in charge of deployed on war fighting operations.

    The man whose department failed to provide sufficient equipment, cba plates, grenades for UGL, NAPS - little things like that!

    The man, who at the Hutton enquiry, when asked what his responsibilities, told the enquiry, that, effectively, even though he was the Secretary of State for Defence, had no responsibility, for anything, whatsoever!

    The man who, as far as I am aware, is detested by every single member of the Armed Forces who have had the 'privilege' of meeting this illustrious individual, as he treats them as underlings, is arrogant and does not seem to connect with people whom he is responsible for. (At least that is what I have been told/interpreted).

    The man, who two weeks after he became the Speaker of the Houses of Parliament gave Parliament an extra 2 weeks summer holiday. In addition to the 10 weeks they already get!

    And he is telling us MPs deserve more respect? What an absolute, two faced, untrustworty, self interested g1t! As we are not hearing other politicians, from across the political spectrum comment either about TCH's behaviour (or lack of!) or about his giving 2 weeks more summer hols, we can only assume he speaks for them all. It's enough to make you weep. Democracy? Maybe. Self interested individuals with their snouts in the trough? I think so.
  15. The article by TCH appears to have misfired.

    The letters page in today's Guardian is packed with letters calling him a c**t, albeit in a politer fashion. It is gratifying to see that he is hated equally in all corners of society.,9236,1500074,00.html