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An 'obsessed' Westlife fan has celebrated her 40th birthday by having a tattoo of the band across her shoulders.

Vicky Jones from Abercwmboi in the Cynon Valley underwent 16 hours under the needle having their four faces etched on.

Her daughter Stacey, 18, said: "I'm not that keen on Westlife at all. Mum's too obsessed if you ask me."

Vicky's husband Colin, 42, was also not a big fan. She admitted: "He can't abide Westlife but he doesn't say a lot."
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another fine ambassador for Wales :roll:


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Looks like the boyfriend will have an audience next time he does her from behind, all smiling back at him.


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theoriginalphantom said:
B_AND_T said:
I feel sorry for the poor tatooist who had to handle that!
the complexity of the tattoo, the mingingness of the pig, or the horror of having to tattoo the image of westlife?
Looks like good technical ability, however I was more thinking along the lines of the state of her. That is somebody who should move to Bridgend.


Ball gag, handcuffs, keep her on her back. Sorted.

There are a right bunch of bloody picky sods on this site. Not everybody prefers to thrap over a photo of Felicity sodding Kendal, you know.
As an additional cheerful thought, it is entitled to vote ...

1. If it is on the Electrical Roll thingy.
2. If it can read well enough to identify the words "POLLING STATION"
3. If it can actually sign its name ["X"] within the borders of the box on the Ballot Paper.

I think a whip-round to subsidise the move to Bridgend is the best idea so far ... :lol:

BTW ...
"All my money goes on Westlife - about £4,000 a year. I must be their biggest fan."
Is hubby a Merchant Banker, or are the bennies excellent in Wales?