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Discussion in 'RAC' started by FRjunkie, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. ......
  2. Because the RAC is full of mongs and you'll be welcomed regardless of your lack of qualifications.
  3. Wouldn't I need to produce the certificates of what grades I did get though?
  4. Congratulations, you've shown the right level of aptitude required. Enjoy a long & fulfilling career.
  5. I didn't get that at all Hairy_Fairy....sorry for not understanding what your on about...were just not on the same wave length
  6. Correct, Olly, nice but dim, you're in. HCav/RAC over there.
  7. doesn't have the same ring to it as Tim though does it?!
  8. are you really that thick you mong. blow it out your arse you fecking ape :x
  9. I wouldn't get mad....I'd save all your energies for phase one....thats been a long wait hasn't it...
  10. I'll break it to you gently Olly.

    You dont need any quals to crew a tank or ride a horse therefore there will be no requirement to show the certificates you haven't got

  11. Thankyou Zippy! your a see...there are decent people on this site, and your one of them. Thanks!
  12. Olly I see your still asking silly questions on the RAC thread again .
  13. I personally don't think it's a silly question..putting a question on the RAC thread asking if your allowed to smoke in the Army would be a silly Question..i just want to be organized. I am 25 when I am joining you know, and the reason I asked that was because I have been out of education for 10 years. I wondered if they need to see any qualifications, but Ive gathered from zippy that I don't. Thats fine by me...end of.
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The windows on a tank are very small so one pre-qualification is a valid CTD

    You can get a CTD. (certificate of tongue diameter) from your GP

    This is the main medical requirement.

    The other one is opposable thumbs. That can also be certified by your GP or any certified staff from Marwell. This also applies to applicants for the RAF Provost, RMP or Regulator Branch of the Royal Navy.