Give me an allowance say £500 and get rid of the storemen.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by D(ra)MA, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. I have had an idea. Lets get rid of the QM's storeman, give everyone an allowance of £500 per year.
    Then everyone is happy and you don't get turned away when you need a pair of socks.
    We need to go along with the yanks and everyone will be happy, good kit and money in your back pocket.
    What are your thoughts?
  2. Stop it, I'm PMS and ROTFL....

    If every storeman in the British Army were pulled out of their unit and co-located in a crack storemen-only unit, we would have the ultimate defensive force...why? Because they would never give anything away! Panzer Divisions and Guards Shock Armies would roll back in craven horror when the intsum came in revealing that the town of Ypres or the Hamelin bridges was held by none other than 1st Queens Own Fire at Donnington Fukc Off Rifles(currently on demand)....
  3. Great idea, but it won't happen.

  4. Says who?


  5. brilliant idea annual 500 quid of beer tokens, really think people would spend it on kit?
  6. how about keep the storemen give everyone 500 quid, and you buy kit off the storemen, then they wont be so fecked off about having to part with their beloved stores!
  7. Perfect! Then they wouldn't have any right to be annoyed when you walked in, slammed your hand down on the counter, and shouted "SHOP!" (well, not unless it interrupted their film, cup of coffee, ... )
  8. £500 would keep you in boots and socks and etc for all of about 10 minutes
  9. How about stopping the sick, lame & mental doing QM Stores and put RLC up there to do the job properly? It would then free up those working in the Q stores for their primary duty ie not working in stores.

    Just a thought.
  10. Sorry mate but if the guy who does issues is on leave then the guy who does receipts steps in to do his job
    Er no you get the response of "Sorry mate he's on leave come back next week"
    And anyhow my stores empty cos i give the kit out for two reasons,
    1, I can allways demand more
    2, I dont have to clean it!
  11. anythings got to be better sorry can't exchange anymore socks the battalion only 5 pairs wtf?
    a british version of the px would work unfortunatly it would be run by the naafi so silvermans prices and no slivermans service.
    no2 collar dogs er we might be able to get them in 6 months Qms dept.
    silvermans couple of quid here you go want anything else.?
  12. but you need a fat bloke to help the colour man do the barbecues (50/50 charcoal and hexi), run the subbies back to mess after a night out, feed the QM's goldfish when he's on leave, help out in the PRE inspection, guard the kit when everyone's bored waiting on the square for MT to turn up and everyone's sloped off the the NAAFI.

    It' called 'added-value' - the system would grind to a halt! Consider what you're saying, man!