Give me a gun and I'll do you all Oslo-Style

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by northern-matelot, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Cadet? Nice curtains.
  2. 'tis true. We must make a stand against Muslim sandwiches.
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  3. D'ya reckon he'll be grounded?
  4. "Man"?

    P.S. What's "NFS"?
  5. Oh dear.

    A life of idiocy awaits I fear for this chap.

    I like muslims sandwiches, khobz and felafal and hummus. Yummy.
  6. no ******* surrender!
  7. Whats the Cap Badge ? Early AA ?
  8. Royal Regiment of Dullards
  9. Thats some shit beret shaping! Cap badge looks like QDG.
  10. Why did they want to look like they are in the army FFS. Even so very badly dressed as he is, this twat wants to give the appearance of being some kind of a death dealing bringer to hades. I'd sooner they wore an nazi SS uniform. At least that would be appropriate.
  11. Sandwiches and doorhandles! Is nothing safe
  12. Oh fcuk , what a twonk , if only we had free speech and lived in a democracy he would have got away with it.
  13. Bet Jarrod would shut him up.
  14. However, at least he uses proper expletives instead of gash words like "twonk"