Give it to the REME

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Storeman Norman, Sep 27, 2003.

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  1. Any Infantryman reading this should get over to the REME forum and check out the thoughts of Chairman Shotgun.

    .........targets up....
  2. I should visit it.

    Perhaps MilanPlStoreman should also post his statement on all teeth arm boards...just a friendly suggestion!
  3. GIVE IT TO THE REME !!!!! A saying often heard - but only after you have rolled, bowed, arrseholed it, thrashed it, trashed it, mashed it and/or crashed it - and they put it all back together for you so it is just like a bought one.

    Ain't they nice people. :p

  4. Hmmm

    The usual misconception, 'I can do yours, but you cannot do mine...' Yawn.

    Massive respect goes out to the REME, without whom we would not have been as cbt effective in the last two major punch-ups (or TOTALISE / PRAIRIE EAGLE......the list goes on). I had an excellent fitter section, who worked balls-to-the-wall, and slept little.

    But siting a trench (and that's a battle trench, not a hole), integrating MILAN / GPMG / house clearance / long-term ambush / recce patrol / sniping / cordon and search, and all of the other things we've enjoted in the rain / snow / desert?

    Or maybe we do not need to do phase 2 / SCBC / PSBC / PCBC?

    I can fill a Wr up with petrol, and carry out a CFT like any normal armd infantryman, but I wouldn't profess to be a mechanic. I know how to resupply as does every other infanteer above the rank of pte, but that does not mean I would suggest that I or they are qualified logisticians.

    Of cousre the Army is a huge integrated team, which consistently relies on its component parts.

    But notwithstanding, Shotgun, back in your box, and know your place. Your presumptions and delusions are misguided to say the least.

    (Posted on the REME board).