Give em back.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jacques_Bustard, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. not me fella could not get a signal so i sold them on
  2. Quick bit of use of the calculator.....

    33.8 DAYS on a porn line 8O

    God he must been worn out :D
  3. yeah but WHAT a workout. shame it was only the one arm though :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  4. As it is claimed that they had probably not been issued, a look at the starting date of the bill may yield some results.
  5. Fecking civvies! Don't know how to look after their kit. Don't deserve to be issued with it!!!!

    Edited to ad:

    At least they were issued with kit that worked :)
  6. This is Toss

    If they really wanted to know who had them back then, they could have triangulated the person, and even guided the cops in to where that person was, its not hard to do, and service providers already have the facility to do this back then.
    Also if they really wanted to know they could try ringing a few of the numbers that were used, and ask some questions.

    C'mon guys its not big and not clever to say 'errrrrrrrrrrr we are looking into this' when you had the facilitys already in place to find out!!

    To the lads who used the phones,
    Nice one guys looks like you have got away with it
  7. What a bunch of muppetf*ckers! As Sabre says it's not difficult to work any of it out.
  8. Sabre how can you triangulate a satalite phone????????????????
  9. B*llocks to triangulation, why didn't they just follow the bidding on Ebay?
  10. Hmm not suprised at all when we arrived in Iraq in 2003 and conducted the HO / TO with the previous unit there wre six mobile phones on our equipment table only we could only locate two.
    So we called the other numbers and three were answered by Iraqis!! - they did not speak english nor us Arabic and somehow didn't think we would get them back - put them on the laundry list as MIA! and wrote them off :)