Give addicts heroin, says officer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Horridlittleman, Nov 23, 2006.

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    I'm sorry but this seems to me to be policing on the cheap! It rewards the very people who should be getting put in jail. As far as I am concerned all this will do is demonstrate that an illegal habit is being condoned.

    Instead why don't the police arrest those responsible for committing crime to fund their illegal habit. The courts could jail them for a decent amount of time. Whilst in prison they are treated for their addiction and are not allowed to leave prison until they are clean!

    It really isn't rocket science - or is it!!!!!!
  2. Bloody hell. I thought you'd been reading this. I'd only just finished typing it... great minds, eh?
  3. I think we should give them a lot of heroin, enough to suffle off this mortal coil. Problem solved... no reoffending.

  4. I'm all for giving addicts heroin, as long as it is a lethal quantity and all in one go.
  5. Great minds, Geordie.

  6. Hear! Hear! My thoughts as well.
  7. Yep, give it to them, preferably on an island a long way from Britain!

  8. Simple solution: buy up the bumper Afghan crop, and refine it to the finest pharmaceutical standards...

    Then add a few 'special ingredients'.

    Then hand out to the smackheads.

    Any suggestions for the special ingredients?
  9. I wouldn't have thought dilution was needed; most drugs are so diluted that a dose of the uncut stuff would send the druggie on a one-way trip to Valhalla.

  10. So we solve the drug problem by sending the smackheads direct to source. A lot cheaper for HMG than £12,000 as we already have flights going there. Smackhead happy as £50 "hit" will cost him pennies in Stan. UK pensioners can sleep safe in beds at night as burglary down, smackhead not used to pure hit so one time event. Demand dries up so druggy cycle broken.

    What was the down side again...............??
  11. Bang 'em up, don't let them out until they are clean and reeducated.

    As for the dealers/transporters etc..... Strip them of their assets (houses, cars and jewelry) and then execute them.

    There is absolutly no need to hand out this sh1t to anyone. With proper help, they can be weened off it.
  12. Alright, alright. Refine then cut with non-toxic filler agent (i.e. make into lovely diamorphine).

    Anyway, the Valhalla trip doesn't seem like such a bad idea - except to the poor buggers who have to clean up the mess after the neighbours start complaining of the smell after a couple of weeks... :twisted:
  13. My, my, what a totally enlightened community!

    The junkies you see hanging around in the alleys comprise about 2% of total smackheads. The ones you don't know about are judges, briefs, bankers, managers etc, who only load to hang in the privacy of their homes. So what do you advocate for them? Speaking as you all are from a position of knowing absolutely fück-all about smack or the overall problem.

    Heroin should be totally deregulated. Only then will society learn to accommodate it. This is a problem that won't go away simply because we fail to address it in a mature and constructive way.

  14. Rarely has "great minds" been used in reference to me, I much prefer the "fools rarely differ" option :D

  15. Have you been watching Trisha again?