Gitmos Good Work

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Newbie_Girl, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. Here's something you'd be hard pressed to find the British and European media reporting...

    New York Post
  2. Mainly because we exported all our red necks a long time ago and guess where they all went.

  3. Did you even bother to read what this former officer had to say or did you dismiss it out of hand because it's from an American source?
  4. Don't you just love the spin?

    I see he doesn't give any information about the lack of inquisition style torture, just says the place is modelled on a Michigan county prision, which if you read some of the stuff on the 'net about US Prisons means that it is now probably even worse than it was.

    So about 25 out of the 450 released have turned out to be bad guys. This pardons them locking up 425 innocent people how exactly?

    I am glad to see that the US "evacuated" these 800 people. Didn't arrest them or kidnap them but evacuated. Well thats ok then :pissedoff:
  5. I don't know how it started, but I got into the habit of googling journalists, and authors of OP-ED pieces. It's a habit I commend to all interested in building a picture beyond the story.

    This piece was written by Lt.Col (Retd) Gordon Cucullu , former Green Beret and Vietnam SOG.

    More on him here

    Some more of his pieces here

    Those stories are taken from , not exactly noted for it's neutral stance. Lately muted Neo-Con cheerleader Daniel Pipes is a frequent contributor.

    Gordon Cucculu isn't by any stretch of the imagination , an ambivalent observer. He seems to be very much at the forefront of the campaign to re-habilitate the image of Gitmo.
  6. Which must be at least as equally valid as those who would vilify it.

    I would say that this bloke's background gives him a lot more credibility than the usual raft of luvvies at the Washington Post.
  7. And the fact that he has actually been there!!!
  8. Oh I read what he had to say and commented after reading. I have had more experience of the US than some, but of course less than others, but I am well aware that there is a very wide spectrum of opinion over there. Personally though I am not a believer in the concept that the end justifies the means, and equally I am not convinced that Gitmo is no wholly counterproductive and has in reality effected the recruitment of many more terrorists than it has removed from circulation.

  9. Given that these people were scooped up on the battlefield & Afghanistan isn't noted as a holiday hotspot , I don't think the spams were wrong to lift these people & try to find out what they had been up to or what their future jihadi intentions were going to be. Besides where on earth were they supposed to keep these enemy combatants ?
  10. NOt all by a long way were picked up on the battlefield, many were taken at road blocks in house to house raids and so on. The proper place for them is in Afghanistan to be dealt with under Afghan law. Equally there are many stories that at least some of the inmates have been aquired from places other than Afghanistan, but of course as there is little real evidence allowed out by the US who really knows.

    I certainly believe that the legality of Gitmo is dubious, and it is in no way a deterrent, rather it acts as a recruiting call for the terrorists, and that is a very bad thing. We may be able to control terror by military means but it cannot be exterminated by military means, at some point we have to convince the masses of Islam that the real bad guys are OBL and his chums, the Baath Party insurgent in Iraq, and Hezbolla etc in Lebanom and Palestine. Only then will the terror die out as it's life blood of support and cash dies away.

  11. To save me the bother of searching Peter, could you tell me your position on letting the Iraqis deal with nice Uncle Saddam in their own ropey way?
  12. Perhaps so Peter , but if they were kept on Afghan soil I think the big danger would have been them being released/escaping then carrying on their evil deeds, point taken about it acting as a recruiting sergeant for jihadis but to be honest I dont believe they need that much persuading from our side given the apparent encouragement coming from their imams in the mosques , as reported on Ch 4's despatches this week ( even with the obvious editing )
  13. No battlefield in the Gambia though, eh?
  14. Even more than the real jihadi's it is the ordinary people who turn a blind eye to the jihadis that are far more affected by the bad PR, it is the peole who choose not to report the strange behaviou next door, or that their son has started mixing with strange friends, all that background support.

    It is the many 10p contributions collected that pay for the fares to a 'good madrassa'. It is the basic hearts and minds problem. Look at the trial going on in London today, see how much we depend onn the community for evidence even after we have caught them, we need that evidence before the act to deal with this problem.

  15. You're right there Sven. But you know as well as I do that the American military are so bored right now, having nothing at all to do and with problems even justifying their very being, that they often open global phonebooks, pick out an individual at complete random and then send in a couple of Apaches to pluck him from his allotment just to fill the long empty days.