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We’re off to Girona for a few days in June and looking for recommendations for places to eat. We’ve discounted the 3* Michelin place (€600!!) but after recommendations for good places.

Cheap and cheery and up to 1* considered!

Any ideas?
There is a place less than an hour outside Girona in the hills . In fact half the journey was up, up, zigzag , up , up etc.

Old , traditional, 'rustic' building , unsophisticated but oozing quality.
Best slow cooked wild boar I have ever had.

Location and name errrr ... Wait, Out.

( It was a long time ago...)
More like Venice without the canal banks at the moment.
Storm Gloria appears to have struck with a vengeance.

When it's a bit drier and they actually have drinking water back (people are being told not to use the taps but to get bottled water at the moment) there are some great places to see, especially what seems to be dozens of museums

The River Onyar splits the city and to the right is the historic, mainly pedestrianised old town which is great and to the left the more modern, commercial centre.
Lots of scenes in Game of Thrones were shot on the east side of the river.
Couple of really expensive Michelin starred places but patata bravas and jamon are a lunchtime staple at loads of tapas bars. Also try the magra, a pork stew with capers and chorizo which is fantastic with fresh, crusty bread. Plenty of places around for those along with the local wine Emporda.
For a really good set lunch at about 20 euro, try the El Cul de Mon which is at the northern end of the old town.
Starters of cold meats, cheese, and salad followed by slow cooked pork (the menu says cooked for 12 hours) with the ubiquitous patatas bravas and a dessert of chocolate pudding with raisins and several glasses of wine throughout. The market area is best for tapas with magra around 3 euro and the patatas bravas and jamon around the same price but you have to pay for the wine (about 1.50 euro a very large glass), La Terra is a typical one which also serves excellent, home made burgers along with the selection of jamons.

For the evening, try and avoid the Nu restaurant in the same area. Very popular if you're into fusion and pretentious food (like tempura fried prawns on bits of wire and foie gras on chocolate cookies). All prepared in front of you but a bit lacking for the price.

There's a Catalonian chain restaurant in Girona called Casamoner. It has its own bakery and does wonderful pastries and desserts like shoo-show (actually spelled xiuxo - funny language this Catalan) which as sort of fluffy doughnut filled with Crema Catalan and covered in sugar. The churros at most places are great although I'm not a fan of dipping them in chocolate like the Spaniards but preferring mine dipped in sugar. About 5 euro for a dozen churros from most places so great for sharing.
A typical fish restaurant El Probacador (sp?). Great, fresh fish like cod and king prawns with croquette potatoes or a paella and very reasonable prices (think 15 to 20 euro pp with wine).

Plenty of Chinese and Thai restaurants to choose from and the Menu del Dias are about 12 euro for a 3 course meal with wine or beer. The Spanish love Chinese restaurants.

Enjoy your visit.
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