Girlys in the AAC


Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of Girlys in the Corps.

No I know we have had a few ups and downs as far as the ones we have manged to get through training and into regular service, but there still seems to be a distinct downfall  :eek:

If there is a reason I cant work it out the AGC and RLC has there fair share, why not us ?
Mmmm. CDT due soon I hope? Less girls in the Corps, less unwanted pregnacies.

RLC. Top Corps. How much of the Pioneers have influenced your intellect? Gut/PRB is a finer place for having them. :-/ Rather slam me knob in a door than be a loggie. No, I really mean that.
Would much sooner be Welsh than a Trog.
Totty in green. Should be eye candy, nothing more. Let us chaps get on wth the real jobs. Be there at NAAFI break and the bop to relieve us. But never think you can do our job. You fragile little things. (Except for the rugby playing, Dock Martin wearing, crewcut mob who feel they must ''clam joust'' other doris's who look like Gazzer.) Stereotypical I know but it's the truth. Run 8 miles with all the kit....naaa, lift a set of Westland wheels, naaa, fly a cab hyd out, naaa. Know your limits. Why should we dumb ourselves down for your sake? Your a bloody liabilaty! QRANC, WRAC and other such useful shagpieces to keep moral up. Why let 3000 years of history be wrong?


Olly Read did his best work under the influence also.

Merry Xmas Mate!!!


Now come boys and girls, if we all tell the truth, there are no reasons why ladies cannot do the same type of work that we men do.  Some jobs such as data entry etc. can be done better by females than males. As far as the sharp end is concerned I have serious doubts as to the capabilities of the female gender when it comes to actually looking the enemy in the eye and disposing of him/her.  What happens during the menstruation cycle in high G manoeuvres, seriously, I dont know the answer.  Dont get me wrong ladies, I think you do a great job, but in the right field?, I'm not sure.


I have known quite a few girls in the AAC, and only about 3 have been worth anything, the rest haven't been worth the steam off my sh8T. They all want the money but when the going gets tough they start wingeing like an old REME. Eye candy is about as good as they are.  


War Hero
Nag nag nag......U blokes are worse than us birds at the best of times! ::) Jeeessss!

You's have obviously never experienced the explicit quality of a REAL woman..... :-* ;)


War Hero
Yeah....Thats if you like a woman with more hair on her top lip than hair on her head! ::)

Stinkin Dockers... ;)


Sorry Leeanne,
I have met a few girls in the AAC, some were nice, and did a good job at work.
Others were a complete pain in the ars5e as they didnt pull thier weight at all, they just whinged all the time.
Those girls are the ones who give all the girls in the AAC a bad name workwise.

Besides most of the men once they have worked with a girl that doesnt pull her weight at work, tend to sterotype all the girls in the AAC like that.
Which isnt fair to the ones that do work.


Well said HelManx, couldn't agree more. Fancy a pint?


Mr Bigglesworth
It is only my point of view from what I have seen myself and heard from the lads as well (including Mr Helmanx).

At the end of the day some men in the AAC are just as bad workwise.

Yes I,d love a pint,  LOL.
I won't ;D

All trouts are useless, get back in the kitchen
Its boring being repetetive but you ladies just wont listen to your betters.

Birds have limited abilities and should only be allowed to do clerks jobs and work in the cookhouse. On no account should they carry firearms and be let loose on a radio net.  The ugly ones can keep the spiders at bay from the QMs stores the others should just clean the boys kit, press it (just one crease though girls) and keep thier rooms tidy.

Stockings, heels & short skirts compulsory for the lookers, Brown bags and hessian sacks for the pigs.


Helmanx, give us a clue, was your hubby in the Corps as well. What's your tipple?

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