Girly Camis

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by legs-o-lead, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. My GF wants a pair of "genuine ex-army" camo trews that are cut for the girly curves.... do these animals actually exist ? And if so, where can I get some ?
  2. Is she round ?
  3. Send us a picture of her curves and I'll let you know which ones will best suit her.
  4. Surplus stores - Tailor...
  5. Yes, they do exist, what size is she, XXXXXXXXXL or XXXXXXXXXXXXL?
  6. army surplus or army navy
    or google
  7. is she aware of the phenomenon of "Army Arrse"?
    I.e even a fit female will visibly put on 15kg when wearing C95.
    Have you recomended she looks at lightweights instead?
  8. Or ROn Hills ?
  9. They do not exist, the only way to make em sexy is get them a few sizes too small so that they stay up without being fastened (and are xtra tight on the arrse) then cut the top off the waistband to make them low slung hipsters, obviously by this point the only thing they are good for are photos or being ripped off said wearer.
  10. Buy her this instead.

  11. As opposed to the non-genuine ex army camo

    You might get more luck there in more ways than one
  12. yeah, get her green lightweights m8, remember they looked rather nice :p and very smart :worship: when modeled by a fit army lass, on the odd occassion you found a fit one! :D
  13. actually couple of lasses from my troop were down in Warminster last week trialing "new womens uniform" so evidently something is in the pipeline...
  14. Walting GF?

    Does she require badges of rank and qualification for, ahem, fashion purposes?
  15. Try Ex Portuguese kit. It's made from UK DPM and female uniforms are taiored for the Lady!