Girls ...................!!!

I agree with little Jack H, Very nice legs and by the way if he did come and he didn't then he was no prince!!!!!!!! I would never treat a woman of your calibre in that manner.!!!! :evil: Bog him off and get one with moral standards and an appreciation for quality. Then you will be treated in the manner you deserve. :wink: :wink: :wink:
Eve, do you do any work? You lazy slacker.
eve1962 said:
Dale the snail said:
Eve, do you do any work? You lazy slacker.
Yep, just so good at it that it only takes moments of my day to complete all my tasks, leaving me with hours of spare time to annoy arrse users.
Get a life, you sap.
Get a life, you sap.[/quote]


cant stop tittering at that one.... and elloooo from me and norty in cyprus :D sober at the moment (not for long lolololol) merry xmas you lot, eat and drink loads, be safe xxxx

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