Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Mr.Brown, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. The MoD Armyjobs website lists all the Artillery trades as being open to females. Including the OP Assistant and Special Observer roles, which I find surprising since I thought these were basically Infantry roles. So what's the deal? Do Female soldiers actually do these jobs or is it only once in a blue moon that one applies and gets through? Also, do they have to meet the same physical requirements? (In my opinion they should for all Military jobs)

    I'm just curious because in Australia the closest thing to combat women get is MPs (Other than the Navy where they can do everything except Special Ops). Please don't let this turn into another endless "women in combat" thread, I was just wondering if it actually happens or not.
  2. All Gunner jobs are open to everyone - including 7 Para, 29 Cdo and 4/73 (special OPs). As long as they can pass the same selection as everyone else they can go for it. To my knowledge, no female Gunner of any rank has attempted P coy, Cdo Cse or 4/73 (but I did know of a couple of potentials for Cdo Cse and was on the Cdo course that the first female subsequently passed).

    In the "normal" Gunners, OP jobs are open to females and are filled regularly by them. My Regt has 3 female FOOs and 2 or 3 female acks. This job is less quantifiable to determine in terms of ability to do the job - if they can pass the BPFA (now BFT) and CFT then they can be on the OPs. The difficulty can come when you need to dismount and carry loads of kit...most females cannot carry as much.

    It can course discomfort with supported arms though - supporting an all male (less for clerks who aren't front line) Regt of Inf or Cav with a female FOO does raise eyebrows!
  3. Yeah that's what surprised me, since spotter teams (Septic talk I know) are attached to Inf and Cav units so much, I would have figured it'd be akin to just sticking women in those units as regular members. I know that's not enitrely true but in broader "cultural" terms. As for the load carrying thing, I guess there will always be certain male troops who can't carry as much as others (for example a guy who's 75kg probably won't be able to power up as much as a guy who's 100kg) so as long as they can at least et near there it should be ok. I guess if you manage your team well then you should be able to balance the differing abilities that all people are always going to have. More to the point, there is a personnel shortage as I understand it.
    In the ADF women can now serve as Drivers, Suppliers, Dispatchers, Medics and I think Signallers at Bn level in Combat Arms, but they're still out of all Weapons and Combat Vehicle Crews, as well as Infantry of course, I dont think there's any need to be changing that rule.
  4. Women make particularly good brew bitches though!!!!!!
  5. I dont think that is the case anymore, maybe a few years back but times have changed
  6. There's always one.... :x
  7. Reports I have received from theatre is that some comds are still concerned when female Gunners are operating out of FOBs in the MUAV role.


  8. Last couple of Med Man I hear the females have put the men to shame. (and no I'm not fishing for a bite)