Girls ordered out at gunpoint

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Andyroo, May 26, 2006.

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  1. From BBC news Norn Iron

    Three teenage girls have been ordered to leave Londonderry by a gang of masked and armed men who broke into a house in the city on Thursday night.
    Six men armed with a handgun and a baseball bat entered the house at Galliagh Park at about 2230 BST.

    The men put the gun to the head of one of the girls before ordering them all to leave the city within 24 hours.

    They then smashed some household goods and the window of a car parked outside before leaving.

    Police have condemned those who carried out the attack.

    Superintendent David Hanna said: "There's no place for intimidation in this city.

    "Those who threaten and abuse children in such a reckless manner have nothing worthwhile to contribute to society and their actions should be utterly condemned."

    Detectives investigating the incident have appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

    SDLP assembly member Mary Bradley also condemned the incident.

    "This must have been a shocking and traumatic experience for the young girls involved and something that no-one should have to go through.

    "Those responsible are thuggish cowards," she said.

    So who are the culprits? PIRA? CIRA? RIRA?
  2. Republican ASBO's in action
  3. Link here

    While it is easy to condemn the action of thugs, I really would like more information before launching into a rant.

    Teenage girls or children?

    They upset somebody big time but it wouldn't be the first time so called innocent victims are as bad or worse as those that have intimidated them.
  4. I agree. They could be 13 or 19. Big difference between the ages behaviour wise. The younger end could just be chavettes and the top end could be hardened crims or drug pushers for all we know.

    They are lucky it isn't the '70's. At best they could have ended up tarred and feathered. At worst they could have been topped like the woman who was killed for daring to comfort a dying soldier in Belfast. Given those choices, a bus ride over the border seems preferable.
  5. The latest from UTV
  6. I lived next door to a rented house in Belfast and it was fortunately empty for ages. Then a group of nurses took it over and my life became a misery. The caring profession reputation is firmly locked up at work and is never brought home. The nurses noisily partied and shagged their way through South Belfast mainly starting at exactly the time I wanted to go to sleep.

    They had several visits from me, not for shagging I might add (shame, two out of three were nice) and it all came to a head when I took my Drumcree wheelbrace to beat the shite out of their door at 3.30 one morning. Their boyfriends being of sensible stock persuaded the girls that the wheel brace was mightier than they were and told them to shut the fcuk up. I never had any trouble again but it does show that even noisy neighbours can bring out the worst in somebody.

    And it had absolutely NOTHING to do with sectarianism or terrorism.
    I just wanted a good night's sleep.

    But imagine the headlines 'Night of terror for defenceless nurses' or 'Crazed ex-soldier goes wild with wheelbrace'

  7. The article wasn't clear on the reason why this incident happened. I was about to ask if this was something due to their religion or some other similar matter.

    I can sort-of sympathise if this was due to noise or behaviour nuisance. Similar to the above post, moved in a maisonette where the top half of the house was a Somalian family consisting of three/four adult brothers and their elderly mum, and I got on fine with them, thought they were very polite and so on. But not too long after, they moved in 4-5 other members including small children who, stayed in ALL day then developed the habit of running, jumping and stamping with heavy footwear on their floor/my ceiling, especially in the evening when I just come in from work and want to relax. It got so bad that had a couple cracks in one ceiling alone. I had them forgetting to turn off water causing flood damage, rubbish thrown in the garden, etc, etc. I did try to keep it friendly and so on, but in the end, my nerves were truly frayed. However much I do like kids, I did have many thoughts of going up there and breaking those legs without an iota of guilt. I was just in the process of sorting them out the legal way when I open my curtains one morning to see them moving out, seems like some other neighbours were fed-up with them too and their housing assc. had finally got their finger out their ears. Even now, years later, I cannot begin to put into words the relief it brought and the sense of freedom the ensuing silence gave.

    If that is the reason why these girls were threatened with, well - I am not saying it was deserved but I probably could understand the desperation of those affected. Would be very interesting to get the other side of the story, if the neighbours could shed any lights to any disturbances the girls may have done and so on.
  8. I can understand any-one wanting to get noisy neighbours moved it has to be more if they are being told to leave the city it's only the terrorists have that kind of brass neck
    and power
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The was a old lady I knew who,because of the park opposite her home got 'terrorised' by the local kids (Ravenhill/My Lady's road area of Belfast) & when she called the cop's,they did'nt want to know.In the end she had to,sadly,go to the local wombles in the local bar & ask them to sort it out.Which they did.