Girls in the IDF

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GunsaBlazin, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. This collection of photos of young Israeli women going through their two years compulsory service is pretty interesting - it basically looks like two years of stagging on and going to the ranges - anyone know if they are deployed on patrols or in combat situations? Wikipedia seems to suggest they're far more integrated into combat units now - this set would seem to show the now disbanded 'Woman's Corps'.
  2. i find some of those women strangely horny
  3. A couple of them would be well worth being jewish for (including the snip *watering eyes*)

    Others make me glad they're several thousand miles away.
  4. I wouldn't hold anyone responsible for impure thoughts after viewing.
  5. I had the snip when I was six, so am well equipped for the journey, once there, I can decide which ones are nice and which ones I will leave for the locals.
  6. Christ imagine if every woman in britain had a 12 week beasting every year or something? No more gwars left!
  7. at six eh? That's what I call foresight (I said foresight - not foreskin).
  8. Wow..........number 46 is a to see my local Rhabi now......
  9. Hey don't knock the snip till you tried it! got me a trip to Disneyworld!!! :)
  10. One thing I have noticed they don't let the woman have magazines for the M-16's a very good idea to avoid ND's.
  11. no 10 hmmmm
  12. They do have mags, they keep them tucked in a ready access loop on their belts. You're right though, there is zero chance of a ND but they can be made ready very quickly if need be.
  13. I'm finding myself curiously attracted to the one in number 6 *scratches head*
  14. well, i'm afraid i'm sticking with number 46, the Dragoon is totally smitten ..........however number 10 would be good to do a stag with and number 23 is quite high up in the rankings..........why ?..........because like every good woman, she's doing the shopping, thats why !!