Girls !!! have you been caught flicking the bean ?

like the blokes we get caught wanking at times , maximo embarasssment etc .

do you know of your own or a friends stories of a bean flicking encounter where they have been caught ?
do tell..............................
Sorry DD, no pics :wink:

Nothing shocking but my best mate (yes my mate not me) was busy stabbing her herself with a device the size and texture equivalent to a bonsai tree and her 11-y-o son walked in her bedroom (he had thought she was asleep).... I can clearly recall the telecon she made to me just after with the first five minutes repeatedly filled with "OHWHATDAFUCKAVEIDON" and followed by me crying with laughter!

On a slightly different note, I've been caught by a young 'un in the horse & jockey position a couple times and luckily my beau and I knew not to make the situ more obvious or awkward than it were and pretended that he was ... erm.... suffering a chesty cough.... and I was sitting on him applying the Vicks <ahem> - and it worked! On the last occasion, the young 'un even offered advice for him to try Lemsip as well as! :wink:
Heard a story from a RAF Fireman who ,when checking the fire extinguishers in the WRAF block,discovered that half the CO-2 cartridges were missing!

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