Girls are crap at opsec?

Why are us girls so crap at opsec - especially me

answers on a post card please to SO2 loose lips, the Army, UK.

love Suzyxx :-X


Why do I get the feeling that you are somewhat bitter about this subject?  Would you like to expand on it a bit? You might find it therapeutic!   :)


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A secret's no fun if you can't share it, of course.   And don't worry, blokes are just as bad.  In fact I don't recall hearing about many female British traitors, but plenty of blokes - even if most of them were uphill gardeners or otherwise members of that wonderful minority community that we all must now embrace.
I don't think all blokes are all that bad at keeping secrets, for instance I've never told anyone about the secret government plan to invade France.

EDIT: Oh bugger...
Suzy dear, don't feel bad, even though you may be bad at opsec I am sure that all you other miltary skills are just spot on, i.e.

- you can pass a BPFA at the same level as the average man
- no doubt you are up to date on your CFT
- ditto APWT etc.
- don't have a huge arrse in combats

As I am sure you can agree with all of these statements then you have no reason to feel bad as you prove that all these anti-wymyn in the army bods are talking a load of tosh.

You can agree can't you?
what's that?  no!

oh dear - I think I must refer you to some of the other threads concerning wymin in green...lots of support there.
Girls are crap at OPSEC.

Many moons ago this mate of mine, right, shagged this bird behind his girlfriends back and the bird told his girlfriend. They just can’t keep secrets. And when my now ex shagged a Gunner Officer when I was supposedly going out with her, she eventually told me. Pretty good examples I feel
Not sure but always will to spread vicious rumours about him.

If we tell Suzy I.A.B then it's bound to get around.

Expect to see this info on about 10 other threads. Suzy I'm listening
3 quickest forms of communication?

1.   Telephone

2.   Tele-fax

3.   tell a woman!



- you can pass a BPFA at the same level as the average man
- no doubt you are up to date on your CFT

As a pure, simple, fluffy-kittens kind of female....

Could someone (maybe I should put this in PT?) please let me know the number of situps and pressups necessary for a BPFA / BFT whatever it's now called, and in what time? I'm currently doing 55 situps in 1 min 23 and need to know if I'm on target or not. Pad cannot help me - he seems ever so vague!

Pressups aren't so good but I'm still learning, can do 40 non-stop but haven't timed myself yet (takes me about 10 seconds to work up to them).

As for my run - well, I haven't run for years, but I'm working on it.

Any help would be appreciated on the standards expected for a 20 something female, as I've challenged the Airtrooper in our unit to a BPFA/BFT by the end of summer...... oh dear...........
Dear wifey,

Get the airtrooper around for a piss up the night before the test and then sh@g him all night.

He will be in sh*t state and you, being a woman, will run rings round him.

This happened a few years back at an officer selection thingy. Slightly out of shape girly pulled tall, athletic chap. Next day she whizzed round the BFT and he wheezed round on his kness.

Good luck, and please get back to me when you need the marriage gudiance.

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