girls and jobs

im interested in joining and i was just wondering what jobs open to females are the most frontline. i know women cant serve technically on the frontline (infantry) but what is the closest job to that.
Thank you for your time
If they are rmp or dog handler do they go on patrol with infantry
Nip round to your nearest army recruiting office (or whatever it's called these days) and they will give you a full briefing complete with promotional and other materials. Good luck.
At the risk of sounding sexist, why not join as a nurse?
A nurse.
Another nurse.
Actually they were both medics not nurses so, join as a CMT and you'll find yourself far enough forward for great discomfort. However, being a medic is not an easy job and requires a degree of dedication that just wishing to be in harms way may not satisfy.
I wouldn't worry about getting to the frontline, everyones getting a slice at the moment. But CMT, Royal Engineers, Dog Handlers i would imagine are good bets.
Army pilot - don't even try and compare any other female trade to being at the sharp end.
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