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Loosely based on Training Wing as spend a lot of time in Training reading lads mags - You are at a party and GA are playing a gig, they all get equally wrecked and want to bed you- line them up and chosse which order you would meet the ladies needs.
1. Cheryl- allegedly good between the sheets.
2.Kimberley- vastly under rated.
3. Nicola. Sexy redhead who sees herself as not the best looking so would be grateful
4.Nadine. Would be gassing on about her boyfriend too much.
5. Sarah H. She wudnt want to be in bedroom for too long as she would prefer to be at the bar so she won give best performance

Cant be any fairer than that ?

Yes thanks for posting this as I am a 'fan' of Girls aloud like yourself. Well it seems that we are thinking along similar lines. My first choice would be Nicola. She is a redhead and because of this she would be pure filth. I mean at the back of her ginger mind she knows that blondes like the vastly over rated Sarah get loads more attention than her. Thus in order to compensate she really would be pure filth. Plus I bet she is tighter than a mouse's ear as well! Not that that would be the only hole available mind! Sarah is beautiful but I bet she is a bit lame in the sack and I believe Callum Best said words to that effect. Kimberley is nice also and arguably along with Cheryl the prettiest. But I believe that little Runcorn firecracker would blow anyone’s mind! Shit must dash me missus is back from the shops!


nah, the blonde one is utter filth and would get ragged to an inch of her life!
Shes the most rock n roll blatantly, everytime I see her its 'Goat Boy wants feeding...' in the words of Bill wouldn't kick any of them out of the sack for farting though, all a proud notch to carve on the bedpost...
ballonhead said:

That link alone prob puts The Tweedy to the top- sorry I havent grasped how to put pics on site yet ! Doh !
I agree!

1) save the image you want to use onto to your hard drive.

2) Click "Reply" but don't use the "Quick Reply" box. Add your sentence or comment and then click on "Add an Attachment". click "Browse". Find your picture, click open. Then click "Add Attachment". Wait for screen to re-appear Then click "Submit". Voila, piccy appears in post.


cheers for that man- was there in front of my eyes all the time- you just wait til I know how to use the internet too !
Anyway, this pic should confirm to all what I had in mind


Who said "one at a time"? I can't decide, I would have Nadine and Cheryl together. Oh God, just thinking about it I need to dash to the toilet.........
ok, maybe the original post was a little misleading , when I said line them up and choose the order, going on the fact I said they were wrecked then why not invite all 5 of them to the room where all the coats are stcked on the bed. If we are going to start getting all far-fetched why dont we say the Spice Girls just happen to be at the party to and have all been on the Lambrini ! Not thats made things a little harder- err, sorry, difficult
In the words of the imortal Chubby Browne...

"Girls Aloud - Aye, to suck my c0ck!"

They'd all get it, in any order, in any hole, just don't make me sit in front of them while they try to sing with blunt objects at hand unless you want 5 dead bodies for organ harvesting on your hands! :roll:

Question is tho, having clubbed the talentless clothes horses to death, which one would one do whilst still warm as rigour' set in to the others? :twisted:
Fair point Airfix ( and Chubby) - its a given that you wouldnt actually want to turn up at the above mentioned party until well after the "singing" had finished - altho to pacify them you may have to tell them you are a fan ( but telling a lie like that would be worth it if the end result was a home win).
I think to answer your `rigour question - the order would be the same as if still breathing

I rest my case with the below pic


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