Girls Aloud (which order)

after serious thought and careful consideration I have decided that Girls aloud would get it in this order

1, Dark haired Geordie Bird
2, Blonde Porn Star bird
3, Dark haired boggy bird
4, Bird with Big Lips
5, Ginger minger bird can watch her mates getting drilled and have an early night ;D
Not arguing about that mate, but they can keep thier gobs shut while they get the love scud.

Then there all yours to give em a kickin ;D
Got to disagree

I like the Geordie girl although she cant sing and the Blonde bird is crying out for a good seeing to, she could go in to porn when her singing career goes the same way as Hearsay
Yeah but they don't need to be able to sing, just want to get sticky with em..... the girls not the boys.

We should perhaps start a new thread on suitable tortures for the annoying irish turd in the boy band. After that Id like to hit Gerri 'listen to me and my pony opinions' Halliwell with a blunt garden raike


I should think alot of men would like to get sticky with the girls and alot of ladies would like to get sticky with the boys.

Both groups are very much over rated, they might look good and appeal to the eye, but at the end of the day they were all on a programme that was pure rubbish.
My preference is the brunette with the huge norks, but I'd have to queue for that pleasure. Common sense tellms me the Ginger bird for the same reason as Jo from S Club, all the guys fancy Rachel and not Jo, so I figure I stand a better chance. I wouldn't mind the blonde porno chick either.

But when it comes down to it at 7am each morning when I am standing in the shower they each get a portion anyway ...... now there's an image for you! ;)
That one that your on about is a boggy, she has very long very nice legs however she looks like a jelly fish has been asleep on her face.

I couldn't bring myself to chuck a mix up the ginger one she only looks twelve and offers nothing.

I still stand by my decision and vote the dark skinned geordie No1.

Woopert, no need to queue for any of them, a simple tap to the bonce with a piece of fence post will do the trick ;D
I know she's not a member of Girls Alowed? but I saw Zoe Birkett on CD:UK this monring and DAMN! she could have a portion of Woopert.

I couldn't bring myself to chuck a mix up the ginger one she only looks twelve and offers nothing.
I like my women like I like my payphones....with a bright red box!
I find Zoe Birkett a bit full of herself, I would fill her up but i think she needs to sleep with a guy that swamps the bed and farts on her leg in the night ;D

I dont like Mylene out of Hearsay but what excellent puppies.

Liberty X the black girl, look at the form on that, mmmmmmmm rubber suits, heels n pace stick...........
I agree mate, I would like to have her funbags mounted on top of my mantlepiece.

The rest of the oxygen thief can be tossed in the skip ;D

I saw a piccy of Holly Valance with dark hair last night.............mmmmmmm.....nice Looks very tasty with long legs too, was going to drop her a line to see if shed make a bluey with Natalie Imbruglia.

Soiled my shreddies at the thought :-[
Natalie, Holly and Kylie, were all out with me last night, took em for a curry and a bottle of Blue Nun and they were all over me like a cheap suit (and each other ;)) then I fcuking woke up!!!!! Still the Pillow had a good time ;D
What's all this nutse about Aussie birds?...granted they drink hard, swear hard, and shag hard, but I like them a bit more cut-glass, the posh ones are the dirtiest!

As for Zoe B, she has a great arrse and top-set, what more can a man ask for except depraved sexual morals and hormones?

Order of preference then:

1. Michelle: Liberty X
2. Jessica: Liberty X
3. Jo O'Meara: S Club
4. Zoe Birkett
5. Kate Bush (when she was much younger)
6. Pink
Does any of the blokes think the lady in the Boots commercial is cute?  I really like her.  Yeah, I know it's just a character, but she does portray the 'nice girl living next door' image.
....Not Seen.

Now the bird in the Scottish Widows there is top totty.

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