Girls aloud (have our preferences changed)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 16, 2004.

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  1. Well Im in a quandry, I used to think the geordie dark haired one won hands down, but now they've all had a few quid spent on them, I think the boggy one with the nice legs may have pipped her to the post


    The ginger one is still a vomitous troll in need of butchering but the others would all qualify for a 'luvvin voucher' the boggy and the geordie getting two each.


    So the list for me is as follows

    Joint No1 = Boggy & Geordie
    No 2 Slutty looking blonde one
    No 3 the plain one with big lips
    and the ginger one can pick up athletes foot with her teeth then jump under a tram

    The above is absolutley nothing to do with thier zero singing skills, just the order in which they should be buggered :D
  2. No1 Geordie
    No 2 the plain one with big lips
    No 3 Boggy
    No 4 Slutty looking blonde one
    and the ginger one can pick up athletes foot with her teeth then jump under a tram

    Saying that, i would shag any of them.... twice.... :D

    Standards anyone?
  3. far too fussy, female and pulse does the job for me :twisted:
    failing the pulse, fairly warm instead :twisted:
  4. fussy, eh?

    I would do anything in a skirt, including MDN. :D

    Top that one, i dare you.
  5. I'd give them all a length, even the red head.

    So would you MDN, and you know it. :D
  6. you first spank, and if its any good we could combine for ye olde spit roaste :lol:
  7. The GWA one is still my fave, despite all the fox pish and licking a 9 volt battery issues.

  8. Apparently his hoop is slacker than Clarissa Dickson Wright waist band, so someone is going to loose out. :D
  9. I watched MDN pay 50 euros to do a bird lesser looking than the Gwar in the Dam and he still gave her a 100 euro tip afterwards

    I quite like the "V" shaped belly muscle that she has on show which seems to say "stop looking at my fugly mug and follow the arrow"


    After all, what else is there in a bird that is of the remotest bit of interest? :D
  10. No, you wanted to watch, becaue you said you were a virgin and wouldn't go on your own and begged me to go in with you.

    Alas I said no and partook in more beer and chat about the good old days
  11. I also seem to remember sitting outside the Bulldog on a Sunday morning watching you retch over the first beer of the day because you were too fcuking gay to carry on from the night before.

    Admit it, the Gwar is better looking than most of the transexuals that you have pulled during your time a ladies toilet cleaner in the Blackpool gay quarter.
  12. Thats as maybe........... but she's still bottom of the list, and as a popstar surrounded by the other pumpables she doesn't make the grade
  13. And am I really gettting heckled off the undisputed BAOR crowned king of pick-a-pig?
  14. No, you are getting heckeled from the guy that used to have to watch the undisputed king of "should I order a shandy with that or would a glass of warm wine suffice?"

    Admit it, you'ld give your right arm and eldest daughter (who, incidentaly, I would take off your hands) to shag the Gwar, she would be an improvement on anything I have seen you with so far
  15. MDN drinks shandies? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: