Girls AFC Harrogate??

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Hey I'm going to join the army in a few years time, hopefully in the artillery :D,but I first want to go to AFC Harrogate and I'm really keen to do it.
Are there any other girls who have been there and could give me a few tips and what it's like??
Thanks :)
I just checked on the website of Harrogate and it still talks about separate rooms for female students...
At the moment AFC Harrogate has both male and female Junior Soldiers, but there have been rumours about the training changing/relocating for JS at some point in the future - Im sure there are other threads on here about it, have a search through the Joining up Forum, theres at least two threads on Harrogate which are stickys.

Good Luck.
The AFC takes female JS who are badged to a variety of different Regts and Corps, this will change with effect from the September 2010 intake when only Inf, RAC and RA with a small amount of RLC will go to Harrogate.
Why the change around again?

I thought all Junior training was to be carried out at Harrogate?
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