Girls AFC Harrogate??

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Hey I'm going to join the army in a few years time, hopefully in the artillery :D,but I first want to go to AFC Harrogate and I'm really keen to do it.
Are there any other girls who have been there and could give me a few tips and what it's like??
Thanks :)
At the moment AFC Harrogate has both male and female Junior Soldiers, but there have been rumours about the training changing/relocating for JS at some point in the future - Im sure there are other threads on here about it, have a search through the Joining up Forum, theres at least two threads on Harrogate which are stickys.

Good Luck.
The AFC takes female JS who are badged to a variety of different Regts and Corps, this will change with effect from the September 2010 intake when only Inf, RAC and RA with a small amount of RLC will go to Harrogate.
Why the change around again?

I thought all Junior training was to be carried out at Harrogate?
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