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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Selene, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys, had a look at the forums and there's loads of posts about the run but not many from girls. How are you all finding the training for it? I've kind of hit a brick wall atm with my running speed cannot seems to get it down from 13 mins mark which means that I'm a minute and a half over what it should be :roll: I'm 5''3 and about 9 and a half stones. I feel like i'm going fast when I run but then I do only have little legs! Got my 1.5 mile run with my local army careers centre in about 2 weeks down and I want to get a better time than what I'm on atm. Finding it hard atm but going to keep at it to get through it!
  2. 10:30 is the target for men, as a mear woman you only need 13 minutes for the 1.5 mile. Although that doesnt stop half the women beating me :oops:

    I personally found that just doing the 1.5 miles wasnt enough training to get me anywhere, and that a longer cardio vasicular work out was needed to help me improve. I typically warm up for 5 minutes on a bike, 20 minutes of running, regardless of distance, and another 10 on the rowing machine.

    That and 90% of the 1.5 miles is learning a bit of will power and tapping into a bit of agression to keep you going.
  3. Try doing longer distances, but don't time yourself. Repeatedly doing the same run will lower your times a bit, but not substantially. Try maybe, a 3 mile run over varied terrain, but at your own pace. If you have a routine of every other day running for instance, do 1.5miles one day, take a rest day, 3 miles the next day, etc
  4. i recently did this run, and was shocked about how unprepared most of the other people were. I completed the run in 9:35 which may not be amazin but for me if was good.
    4 people did not even finish, 3 of those were girls. One girl finished inside 14 minutes which as far as im aware is a fail.
    After speaking to others they said they had trained for like a week, and been on about 3 runs to prepare.

    Simple way to train is similar to advice already given, run varied lengths, jog 3-4 miles, run 1-2 miles on alternate days. Have rest days, go swimming or cycling to keep up cardio but to ensure you dont strain any muscles.
    Maybe the most inportant advice, eat properly. dont go mad, eat what you enjoy but also eat alot good stuff. The week before my run i survived on pretty much pasta, tuna and banana's.
  5. I keep being told the pass rate for women is 14 mins?
  6. i think some people can be naturally quite slow, im a big guy i have spent the last 6 months running 5 miles twice a week, 1 fartlek? session a week and at least 1 gym visit a week religiously and i was only centre of the pack on selection. My run was 10.38, i only managed 7 heaves and none of teh stregth tests were anything to right home about.

    Its just a case of sticking at it, i mean i have been trying join up for 15 months now so i have had plenty of time to sort myself out, i would say its better to prepare for selection before hand rather than rush into doing it only to fail.

    good luck.

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