Discussion in 'Officers' started by paintrain, May 23, 2006.

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  1. hi just wondering i am joining in September and getting a huge amount of grief from my current girlfriend who wants to be my permanent about what will happen after sandhurst.she had it in her preety little head i could go live with her wherever i wanted to, that the army allowed you to pick which city you live in!!is anyone else getting this much hassle?will the army issue me with a more understanding and less mad girlfriend after sandhurst?
  2. What naivity, the idea that your relationship will survive a year of you being at RMAS! Where will she be (with her building anger and frustration) during this period?
  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but very few of them understand, and they're all as mad as a box of frogs.
    You will be able to choose where you are sent, to paraphrase Mr Ford "Anywhere you want, as long as its Basra" :wink:
  4. After going through RMAS , you will emerge a suntanned hero of democracy , that even supermodels will want to nail. Do the right thing , bin her now, work hard and adopt the benedictine Monk stylee till the final ball.

    Besides which , if she cares that much , she'll keep her pants on until you emerge at the other end , and will be willing to take up where you left off.
  5. i've been ttrying to keep her happy till i go, its handy having something to do till september. think she would prefer it if i was going to become a merchant banker instead of a defender of the free world.
  6. Do yourself a favour. Save yourself a LOT of grief..Mag to Grid NOW!

    OK shag her until Sept THEN Mag to Grid :twisted:
  7. Hey man!!

    Don't be so hard on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been seeing (all be it casually!) an army guy for one and a half years, and i completely understand that he can't commit as yet and i certainly don't think for a second he should quit his career for me!!!! we only see each other about 3 times a year but hey i think he's worth waiting for. Hopefully he feels the same!!!

    If it is meant to be be you'll survive otherwise not the right time, if the girl whats you to be something else she def not the one for you!!!!!11
  8. You honestly think he's waiting for you??? poor poor girl.....
  9. Oh well if it doesn't work out - no bother - he's faaaab in bed!!!!!!!
  10. Your shift and full stop keys are broken.
  11. Wouldn't you rather adjust the quantity/quality ratio just a bit?
  12. That's what his wife and other girlfriends say too !!! :p
  13. Well you dont get to be faaaaaaab in bed if you're only getting it three times a year.
    Just a thought! :D
  14. Well if he can fit that in with all his touring - i say good on him! Just trying to say that not all girls expect you guys too plan around us thats all.

    I'll go back to the rear party site huh? :lol:
  15. she didn't say that - just only 3 times a year with him :D