should you keep a girlfriend during training or not

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  • if been with for 6 months

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Nipper... if you have to ask such questions, just dump her now. You have obviously got doubts or you wouldn't even contemplate it. 8O In fact, do her a favour and end it anyway - that way she can get on with truly enjoying student life and shagging her contemporaries and/or tutors, instead of wasting her time with you. :roll:
All depends on where you see your relationship going, Long distance rewlationships are hard in the forces, due to being constantly away on tours, if you have only been going out with her a short time, then it makes it even worse to hold onto them.
You will find when you join up, youll get out a lot more with your mates, and your mind becomes focused on doing what you have to do to pass your basic.

My advice is Keep hold of her, and see how it works out during basic, if she cant handle your time away from her for that long, then you dont need her, as she is a klingon, if she can handle that then you should be ok for a short while anyway.

Other wisa think of this , if she is at Uni she is prob turning tricks to pay for her grants, and paying for pints with a her cheque book, mean time youll be out banging anything remotely female with an pulse optional and getting sh*tfaced with ya mates.
First and foremost advice on relationships through a website? And of all websites this 'carzy mob of missfits?' The advice comes from all is the same, once a hoby told me as I sat with my feet in the gutter crying over relationships lostl; he looked down and said "**** the bitch" no seriously, there are two types of realtionships the ones you break up with and the one you marry.

Cheers 2CB
I didnt look for a serious relationship until i was ready to leave the forces, i just knew i wouldnt be able to carry out my role properly if i had other things on my mind when i was away on tour, keep it simple mate...
Nipper, hello!

Okay the question to ask yourself is this, how many of your older mates have been with the same girlfriend for years?
The lucky few to have found ‘Miss’ right early on are just that, lucky and a few!
Now ask the board this, how many of them are married to the woman they dated when they joined up. How many of them did marry the woman they where with when they joined up? And how many subsequently got divorce?

Relationships change, people change. You’re about to embark on a new life, one that no matter what, you can’t share with her.

The lucky few on these boards who married their wife and found that she was strong enough to cope with being married to a man who had a mistress that he was chained to and would drop her for in a heartbeat are very, VERY few and far between.

Don’t end the relationship because you’re going into the Forces, let the relationship end of it’s own accord, IF that’s what’s going to happen.

You never know she might be one of the surprising few that can cope! As well may you!

Beebs x

Wise words, I was one of the poor unfortuates to marry in the first couple years of this smashin army voyage. If its meant to be its meant to be if not don't push it (as the nun said to the mechanic).

Forcin a square relationship into a round hole too long just leaves you poor!!
Send me a photo and details of her stats. If she passes selection, I will keep her entertained untill you pass out. That way you can crack on with trg knowing she will be having multiple orgasms
Post her pick on the readers wives thread and I'll let you know if she's worth rooting.
Just keep her and shag everything else. You won't have to worry then if shed does the dirt. You cann ditch her.

Remember you always need a ride when u go home on leave.


A friend of mine has a grate saying that I now swear by “every woman is a slut except your mother and your sister” and oh how true that is!!
To be fair, I was lucky and caught a decent specimin, though have now left HM's employment. However a lot of people i know who got married in the Army tend to have a rougher time of it. But a lot of people do make it work!!!


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