Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by nipper, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. hi im about to start training in 6 weeks, me and my girlfriend have been together for 6 months and she is in uni a hour away, at the moment i see her for two to three days a week. this is going to change when i go but would like to no of you girls how you felt and hw you delt with it. i just dont want this to split us up.
  2. Find the local nurses home and use them as a 'girlfriend replacement' until such times as you get to see her again. That got me through recruit training. Binned the girlfriend when I got posted to Germany and found many other young fraulines to ease my pain.

    Bin her now and save the tears.

    Oh and if you drop off her phone number on a pm, I'll make sure she is well looked after when you are off on your 36 month tour of Blairspleasure

  3. If you can't cope with 6 weeks away from each other, you're obviously not meant to be together. Think about the 6 months when you'll be on op tours.

    However, on the other hand, it is ONLY 6 weeks... if she's at uni then she'll have enough work to keep her busy - unless it's a mickey mouse course... then she'll be down the student union bar drinking it up!

    I'm sure you'll both be fine. Mr Freebie and I have gone from living together for the best part of two years, to only seeing each other once a month (if we're lucky) or longer, if either one of us is working a weekend. We've been like that for the last 15 months... and we're still together. (In fact, it'll be weird when we do get posted together... )

    Just remember to cut each other some slack when you do see each other... ply her with chocolate - it always works on me! Or get her a bottle of student wine (lambrusco or lambrini) and one of those cheap silk roses they sell down the pub on a friday night... and she'll be putty in your hands!

    Good luck on your course! :D
  4. Six months? I've got bread in the fridge older than that. She's not a girlfriend, she's someone you bumped into. When she's had several of your children, washed your car a couple of times and driven twenty miles to buy you a burger because you said you fancied one, then you can start to worry about her, until then, er, don't.

    I bet you're a teenager. :wink:
  5. Mate, you're going to be a para. Birds will throw themselves at you. What did you say her number was again?
  6. cheers freebie, yeah i no bout the ops. just not sure if she understands coz she doesnt want me to go. its a nurse course so she will be busy i hope
  7. no im 20;) lol
  8. Lets be honest here, no one on this sight can give you advice because no one here knows you or your girl. Something like this you talk about with your girl or your friends, not strangers over the Internet.

    Hell if she’s a half decent student she’ll be slutting it round the student union for the 100th time by now!! I used to think it was grate sport to “comfort” the girls who missed their boyfriends when I was at uni!!
    And if you’re a half decent squadie then you’ll be out drilling every cheap slut you meet each time your allowed off base. :wink:
  9. I can understand how your feeling. If your g/f is finding the thought of you going away for 6 weeks, with all that testosterone then all you can do is reassure her, tell her how special she is to you etc, it always makes me feel better when my bloke says that when im feeling insecure.
    As for you, you can only trust her and just look forward to seeing her after the 6 weeks, if you be more positive about it then time will fly. But like some other people said, if you two can't go 6 weeks without seeing each other, then how are you going to feel when you go away for months on end?
    To survive a relationship when someone is in the army, you have both got to be strong ad independant people, it doesn't mean you don't need one another but just to be able to survive alone sometimes.

    And........if you two do stay together, then im sure you will come across more her worrying about army birds, or you thinking she'll leave you for a civvy bloke coz she doesn't see you enough. If your menat to be, it will work out.
    BUT, be prepared.
  10. Give your girlfriend this site address she will be well looked after
  11. I have to admit that freebie makes a very good point. Six weeks is nothing, and if you feel that you may not be able to survive it then there must be something wrong. My bf has been sent to iraq for 6months and there was never a question of whether or not we would stay together, and we had only been together for 2months before he had to leave. Yes it's hard to cope not seeing him, but I know he is doing a job that he loves and who am I to stand in the way of that. By the sounds of it you are having second thoughts about joining and using the girlfriend as an excuse. But if she loves you and you the love her then the distance and time spent apart really wont matter, I think nipper you need to sit down and do some serious thinking about what you actually want and talking to the other half might help you sort things out also.
  12. cheers dirty monkey to be honest your right i was starting to think if it was for me when i started to think about what i would miss then i though fook this i want it ill get it and if she loves me like she says then she will stay with me if not then ill still get a new family, the airborne brotherhood
  13. FFS! What is this?? Arrse meets Mills & Boon?
  14. No, this is (amazingly enough) a slice of the ARRSE populace actually doling out some well considered advice - relatively speaking.

    Nipper - good luck old chap - unfortunately I tend to agree with some of the comments here - you ain't going to miss your good lady (you'll be w-a-a-a-a-a-y too busy) - and she isn't going to miss you after the first couple of weeks.

    Sort it before you go - it will only end badly. IMHO.

    PS I should perhaps explain that I firmly believe no soldier should be allowed to have a long-term relationship until they are 25 years old, financially stable and actually been on long ops.

    Well, it's a thought... :D