Girlfriend wants to join up too.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by noize, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi girls and guys.

    I don't know if y'all saw my 'intro' post, but I am waiting on my date for my ADSC. As you can imagine, the training building up to this and my hopes etc for it get spoken about a lot - to the point where my girlfriend of 2 years went "actually, this kind of life sounds awesome - I'm going to look into it" and has now taken an avid interest in the AAC, got forms and is on the way to taking the BARB.

    Anyway, from what I know / have heard there won't be a huge amount of time we'd get to spend together if she stayed on the civvy side of things. Am I right to assume there will be even less time if she joins up too?

    (Please don't get me wrong, if she wants to, then good on her, fair play - I'm just wondering what to expect down the line :))

    tl;dr = Any personal experiences of dating other forces personnel compared to dating people on civvy street.

  2. I predict requests for boob pics and a detailed explanation of a Kingo colourman hanging out of her hoop are in your future
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  3. Do you have any photos of her?
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  4. Does she know any Kingo's?
  5. Noize, good luck in Joining, clearly you are both young people, the chances of the relationship working out is not great, however, there are plenty of slack out there, your newly found mates for life will ensure your broken heart is mended in a quick time by taking you out on the piss and getting you to shag all sorts of Horrors, with a sore cock & a sore head not much chance of thinking of the Ex, however when you do meet up at home you can give her a good shafting between two skips, behind your local niteclub, she will be used to that!!

    I spent a few years with the AAC, if I was you Id join the Engineers!!
  6. *sigh*

    Gents, I assure you that no breast pictures will be happening as at some point she is likely to find this site and potentially come across this post. It would be quite a shock to discover one's own titties on a site you've just found.

    However, if any of you wish to help a noob out with personal stories and experiences in regards to dating someone in a similar situation or the differences between that and a civvy relationship, fire away ;)
  7. I think you're mental to join up with a bird. You're better off binning her, then ******* your way round the world. That's what I've done.

    Now.....back to those photos.
  8. Hahah, thanks :) aye, I'm 26 and she is 25 - I'm looking at P company, it's her that's interested in the AAC! She loves bikes and big ******* motorised bastards, but because she has a pair of tits it rule her out from the tankies iirc.
  9. If she's like any other AAC bint I've ever met, you're better off binning her. She'll have her knickers off at the drop of a hat for any NCO ranked higher than she is.

    You'll also never get to see her.
  10. That's pretty unfortunate stuff :< - In regards to 'seeing her' etc, that reminds me. I've no idea about how time off actually works to be honest.
  11. Unlikely, she's a southerner. Well, now anyway.
  12. there's also a good chance she'd become a lesbian, and not necessarily the good kind.
  13. Personal stories? Hmm... Well...
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  14. There is always that chance, but it also increases the possibility of a threesome. ;D
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  15. unlikely, that would be the good kind.

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