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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by domuk18, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. I first applied to join the army in January of this year. My girlfriend didn't really say much about it, but now I have passed selection and have received my date for the 4th of October, she is no longer ok about it. She hasn't told me not to go, but she has wondered what would happen if we split up over it. hope she can ctand by me. I am 19; we have been together for nearly 3 years.

    Anyone got the same problem or had the same problem and do you think relationships can work whilst in the army?
  2. They can but only if both parties are willing to work hard and make it work and other underlying issues like trust is absolute - also dont let others put pressure on you to make it work or anything. Mind you, you are young and about to go into a life of drinking and seeing things other people wont get to see - Would a partner who doesnt want you going in stop you from doing things when your in there? With me the answer is yes - hence why Im single atm!! - Its your choice mate but its not a job - its a way of life!
  3. Christ Dear Deidre much?

    I can't say for the army but I can say I tried to keep up a long distance relationship whilst holding a flat in my town and with my girlfriend who went to uni at Norwich.

    Still mates with the bird but we only made it a year and a half.

    Long distance relationships are fu'cking shite and you'll just get fed up she's never about, get drunk one night and pull some less than respectable bird..
  4. She may not entirely understand what life as a forces missus entails, and even more likely she is listening to ill-informed advice from trolls. Perhaps ask a serving mate's missus to have a drink with her. Of course she might be a bit of a selfish cow who wants your lives to revolve around her- it could be the first signs of a problem in your relationship. The world is full of fit women, so don't let a woman get in the way of your army ambitions.
  5. My lass is similar, she is nervous about me joining but says she will stick with me. To be honest i'm not that bothered if she decides she can't hack it, i'm more than happy to crack on without the grief.
  6. I'm not in the Army yet, but my ex girlfriend didn't exactly approve of my future plans. I told her straight that it was my life and my potential career and so if she wanted to oppose my decision then she could feel free to do it on her own.

    Look on the bright side mate, these kind of relationships don't go anywhere usually. Much better leaving her to pursue a career that you love than leaving her pregnant or whatever, like loads of young guys our age do.

    Best thing you can do is talk it over with her and make your feelings clear.
  7. Bin her.

    She will be an irritating distraction when you are in basic.

    She will be an encumbrance later when you want to enjoy yourself with your mates as a single soldier.

    She will be a headache when you have to go on a tour.

    You are about to start the rest of your life; leave her where she is. Plenty more in Germany.

    Dump her first and she won't be able to shag a guy at work who 'understandsmyneeds' and is 'thereforme', then dearjohn you when you are being shot at in a sandy place.
  8. Orrr

    Keep her on the side so you can get poon during holidays and shiny stuff sent to ya.
  9. To answer your question, relationships can, and do, work in the army. I was 'married' to the army for a lot of years and loved it but it doesnt suit every lass.
  10. Do you know what Tom -- we actually agree on something! Good advice.
  11. Im 27 (monday) with 3 kids although 2 with my current bird who ive been with for nearly 8 years. If she gets in the way she will get sacked, simple as that.

    Its my life ill live it how I see fit.
  12. In pretty much the same situation bud. I'm 20, i live with my parents and my girlfriend lives with me also.
    We'll have been together 2 years this august and as much as we'd both love it to work... we've come to the agreement that we'll try the distance thing and if it doesn't work then we'll have to go our separate ways. She understands that i'd rather make something of my life than stay in a dead end job and not so much regardless of our relationship but our futures come a joint first.

    Bit of a Dear Aunt Marge....But honesty helps

    Syn :)
  13. Have you asked her why she's against it? She might genuinely be terrified of something happening to you. The news is full of the deaths of soldiers at the moment so that can't be helping either. Maybe you both need to sit down and discuss the issues you both have and if they cant be resolved then surely its better you knowing beforehand than it happening once you're posted away.
  14. they're right give her one then give her the E a dearjohn on active is bad sh1t
    In the long term its cheaper to go over to amstserdam once a month from UK and if residing with the master race even easier
  15. The biggest single danger currently facing young soldiers is the CSA.......

    Bear that in mind if you're going to run a girlfriend. You won't be getting paid all that much, and what you have after tax you will need for riotous living and whatever private vices you enjoy. Cash evaporates - even in Germany. Don't let your girlfriend get pregnant - it happened to a mate of mine whose girl tried to keep hold of him by getting up the duff when he shagged her on leave; she had claimed to be on the pill.

    He still broke up with her but lost a lot of cash every month through the CSA.