Girlfriend moving to Germany

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by mattsmini, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi i'm after some advice please,
    I'm due to be posted to Paderborn next year and my girlfriend is willing to move over with me. I was wondering :-
    - Is it straight forward be able to ''live out'' on your first posting?
    - What is the possiblitly of empolyment within the local community?
    - Can anybody tell me their experiences of having girlfriends
    with you, i.e Did they intergrate much or find empolyment?
  2. If you have not served long there may be problems getting the permission to live out.
    Can your girlfriend speak German? If not she has really shit out for local employment.
    Have a word with NAAFI and see if they have any vacancies out there, that way she can get all the medical cover and benefits, as well as accomodation on the camp.
  3. I wouldn't recommend living out straight away. It is both complicated and expensive in relation to the UK. For an instance, you have to provide your own kitchen complete. There are many laws governing what you, as a tenant must /must not do.

    Can't help with the g/f bit, as all my victims have been boxheads. :wink:

    Any questions about the rental bit, let me know.
  4. Thanks for your replies,
    We have looked for flats in paderborn and they seem affordable.
    Also it might sound strange, but whats the problem owith living out straight away?
    She can speak a little german but she also speaks french and russian, don't know if that helps.
  5. not entirely true actually....renting on the german net can be very cost effective, i was paying €350 per month for a smart town centre flat, including bills - although this a couple of years ago - and was a much larger and better quality than you could expect in uk...

    however, i wouldn't move straight out - get to know a bit about bfg first. as for moving your mrs out, wrought with issues - employment, tax, medical cover to name but a few, personally i would avoid. just get married, get the pad and the married loa everyones a winner....
  6. not if it comes with EBK Recce :D
  7. Thanks for you quick responses, i definately want to be with my girlfriend but marriage is a bit soon.

    I know it would be difficult finding suitable empolyment and getting a flat but the biggest problem would be not being able to ''live out''.

    Does anyone know anybody who was able to ''live out'' on their first posting?

  8. Yep Ive known a few people but then Ive known a few who were turned down as well, it will depend on your OC/CO and what impression you make.
  9. I believe you'll find that the landlord is required by law to provide a sink-unit and cooker as a minimum(§ 23 SGB II).

  10. I think you'll find you're wrong Bugsy.

    Seen many flats here and 90% are totally bare of anything
  11. I am wrong, well sort of. The law doesn't apply to privately let accommodation, but does apply to the Boxheed equivalent of council houses/flats (Sozialwohnungen), rent-restricted accommodation and housing association accommodation (Genossenschaftliche(r) Wohnbauunternehmen/Zweckverband/Gemeinschaft/Stiftung).

  12. What unit you going to Mattsmini? PM me if you don't want everyone knowing. I'm in Paderborn and may be able to do some digging for you.
  13. yes but a working person in Germany is not going to get social housing.
  14. So no use to the British soldier asking the question then.
  15. 8O DON'T TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy what bit of single life/time you have and play the field :wink: