Girlfriend going to Sandhurst!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by voimei, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Hi there peeps,

    For my first post i need help please. As the title says my GF is joining up soon and i am wondering if anyone else has a GF/Wife as an officer? Any advice/pointers would be great, not a military man myself but i do have an established career that can be moved most places.
  2. Oh, I misread the title. When you said she was going "too Sandhurst", I thought you were making some sort of statement - as in "she's going soooo Sloane". Having ascertained that you're seeking advice, I'll pre-empt the deluge and suggest that you prepare yourself for the most fraught period your relationship has gone through to date. If it survives the Officer Factory, it should hold good until the first operational deployment..... that'll give you a few extra weeks.
  3. And you expect her to be faithful?? She'll be shagging every Rupert she can get her hands on!!!
  4. Voimei,

    Are you in the army too?
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Voimei, old lad, if you are prepared for any one of the following to (possibly) occur and feel that you can both survive them, you'll do OK.

    At Sandhurst:

    1. She develops a serious case of 'Bergan Bum' - not a nasty rash but a natural extension to a lady's pear-shaped figure as a result of speed-eating combined with more PT than she is used to.

    2. She starts speaking a distinct sub-set of the English language (ie army-slang) and you don't understand it - eg "I'm f%^&ing threaders with my colour bloke. He keeps gripping me about trying to proff from the Q bloke. He's already caught me wazzing bergans round in the back of the wagon - I'll probably be on rops for this one." etc etc

    3. She develops a large number of male friends - all of whom are physically fit, speak the same sub-set of English, have the same recently shared experiences, get pissed with her frequently and see her far more frequently than you do.

    4. Her Colour-Sergeant at Sandhurst becomes the most important man in her life.

    After Sandhurst:

    5. Her Young Officers' Course is in the middle of nowhere (ie a bastard for her to escape from/you to get to) and she starts talking about a job of which you have limited comprehension.

    6. She gets posted to some godforsaken outpost in Germany and para. 3 is repeated.

    7. You turn up to a Regimental dinner night and have to put up with the more stupid of her new male friends as you're in black tie and they're all in mess kit - ie they think they are better than you (despite the fact you will probably be earning more than them if you are any good at you're established career).

    8. She does her turn in Iraq/Afghanistan/the Balkans the same as the rest of us and complains as your blueys aren't loving enough.

    The list can go on and on. As long as you are prepared for some separation, some (minor) personality changes in her, an increase (hopefully) in her physical fitness and realise that, at times, her job will be much more important than you are, you should be fine.
  6. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Apologies for the last one - spelling a bit off.

    Reminder to self - buy and use dictionary.
  7. No i am not in the army.
  8. Voimei,

    Check your Private Messages
  9. Chances are she'll get shagged rotten by her mess mates/permanent staff or turn into a Rug-muncher and then get shagged rotten by a load of bull dykes - OR if she's like an old A/Adj of ours, get shagged rotten by all of the above! Then turn up at her battalion and carry on the motion.

    The Army is not a place for women. Distrust her motives. Has she got any male tendancies? Is she a rampant feminist? Has she got a chip on her shoulder about being as good as a man? All highly suspect.

    Join the TA mate, then at least you'll have a Mess Kit to turn up in when you go to a military 'do'!
  10. I'd second that - at least you can have some shared experience. I was in a similar situation situation to yours a few years back, but we'd been married a fair while and been in another service together. By then I'd been civvy side several years, but ended up joining the Reserves as it made life easier!

    At least the looks have gone from shocked to merely surprised now on the Married Patch when I have to explain that, no, it's not me that's taking up the posting, but my wife! I guess the Army is gradually being dragged into C21!
  11. Gotta join the band wagon on this one, suspect she wont be your girlfriend for much longer. Year in sandhurst crying on the phone about how hard it is. Then gets to the field army and is completely swamped by snaking squaddie cnuts (you know we all are so dont start). Finally gives in to some handsome chap cos they now have more in common.

    Job done
  12. When does she start? We need to know because we'll need to mark off the calendar to set up the sweepstakes as to what point over the coming 44 weeks she'll kick you into touch.

    To make it interesting, when the time comes, please drop us a line to let us know whether she gives you the good news by phone, letter, email or text (can almost guarantee it won't be face-to-face). We can get a book running on that too.

    No offence intended, it's nothing personal- that's just the way it goes. Chin up, old boy! ;)

    (Edited to add- You don't take a sandwich to a banquet.)
  13. Poor bloke. Funny though.