Girlfriend dramas

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by lambooner, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Yes, lose the scutter

  2. Forgive and forget, alchohol did this

  3. Let her make it up to me in the bedroom

  1. Afternoon all,
    Just got off the phone to the missus, who informs me last night she went out, had a few too many beverages and ended up sleeping in the same bed as some other bloke.

    She volunteered this up front, and assures me nothing happened.

    To this, i went beserk - couldnt believe that she would do such a thing - and tell me aswell! By the end of the phone call she was crying and i was fuming.

    But my question is, am i over reacting? How would others feel upon hearing this news whilst away from home. By the tone of her voice, id say she was genuinely shocked to find me enraged. For me, it was a natural reaction.
  2. Love is unconditional.

    Would you rather she hadn't told you?

    I'd say you're overreacting.
  3. Sorry mate - shouldn't have done that!
  4. Would you rather she hadn't told you?
    Secrets and lies are the death of any relationship.
    If she isn't that important to you or you don't trust her then bin her, if she does matter and you do trust her then its realtively easily sorted.
  5. Two possible scenarios here.

    1. Nothing actually did happen, and she's telling you because she feels bad about her lack of judgment, but wants to demonstrate that she has nothing to hide, but she genuinely regrets her mistake.

    2. He actually fcuked her senseless, and she's getting her story in first, in case one of the other hoo-ers she went out with gets p!ssy about being left holding your girlfriend's coat last night and decides to tell you about it.

    I'll leave it to the sensible considerations of the ARRSE readership to decide which one seems more likely.
  6. Don't fall for the tears , they know that's the easiest way to get any decent man to crumble.

    You could f*ck her off and do it now. She should never have allowed the situation to develop. And blaming "I was drunk" "He's a very good mate" etc etc is unacceptable. If she can't remember who she's supposed to be with and in bed with at any given time , it doesn't bode well. Taking it on the chin and saying "That's all right love" just gives her a green light to end up in the same situation again. Make sure she knows you are bloody unhappy.

    Make sure when you shout at her , you're calm and collected and cold. Don't start calling her names. You're the one with the moral high ground here, don't lose it.

    Turn it around and imagine you'd done it, and were explaining it to her , in the words she's used. Do you think she'd be talking to you again this side of Christmas?

    If you think you can still work something out or you love her that much, fair enough. But in your place, I'd be making bloody sure she worked her arrse off to prove it, and even a sniff of being near the bloke again in similar circumstances and she'd be P'45d.

    Edited to add - And I did , mind you, as she's a multi-Millionaire now that might have been a tad hasty. :(
  7. And I'd say you hadn't had something like that happen to you EX-STAB

    Love may be unconditional, it doesn't mean you have to be a ******* doormat and believe every single line of bollox she feeds you with.
  8. I agree with most of all the above.

    Firstlt it is perfectly ok that you are fuming. But consider a few things:

    Yes, she shouldn't have done that. However alcohol can make a fool of the best of people.
    Would you rather she hadn't told you?
    How would you have reacted if she had kept quiet and you had found out from someone else?
    What do you feel about her (not as a reaction to this, but deep down)? - let that be your guide.

    If you love her and want to be with her, then the two of you need to talk sensibly about this. Everyone screws up sometimes and if she is telling the truth then remember that there are far worse things that could have happened.

    Acccepting that she is telling the truth and moving forward doesn't mean you are condoning what she did. But a sense of perspective once you have calmed down will be essential.

    Hope you can work it out.
  9. I can be of absolutely no help at all, but can venture a dit for your amusement ? My other half was all 'shirazzed' out at a xmas party, I helped her into a mates spare bed, stripped her to her tighty whiteys laid my coat over her then got big Duncs to strip to his grots and straddle her sleeping head whilst I took pictures ! Her tears of rage were only softened by my insistancy that she wasnt 'teabagged' in her sleep !

    Have a day out on the pop with the boys, turn your phone off, book tomorrow off work and meet her for a bit of will all look a bit better in the 'morn :D
  10. Thats the thing, i know she saw some of my muckers out and about. I wonder if she got a bit paranoid and thought best to admit to the lesser crime
  11. Fire is the answer.

    Burn her, burn her well
  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    ha ha thats funny that is, perhaps like an MP she is only telling you the little bits of the story
  13. Fcuk perspective, does she have any hot mates with a big bed who get sleepy?

    You try it Lambooner and she'll dump you so fast you'll think she did it with mirrors.
  14. OR take comfort in this !

    A mates bird went to Ibiza for a month with a few friends, back she comes tanned and fresh, a month later he has a root through the detritus she had dragged back and dumped under the stairs and found a load of photos of her on a boat, with a strapping bearded Aussie yachtsman snorting cocaine off a walnut table and 'havin it large' as she would succintly put it, the muppet is still with her and is insistant that they were just mates !

    I still say go out and get hammered !
  15. If I though it was bollocks it'd be a different story. In such circumstances the deception is more important than the sex in my view.