Girl raped so guy could get English lessons in the nick.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Of course,I forgot about equal opportunity rapists,how remiss of me.
  2. A homeless Romanian. A valuable immigrant then.....
  3. Sounds like the guy has serious mental health issues.

    Of course, that's only because I cannot comprehend how anybody would commit such an act because of those reasons...

    "It was through our officers' absolute determination to find him that we were able to track him down to a location in London within five days of the attack."

    Although of course he could be trying it on by pretending he is insane, otherwise I would have guessed he'd have handed himself in immediately afterwards.
  4. This story just says it all really...
  5. Do you know what really grips my shite when they put articles up like this?????

    They never put the photos up of the bints involved?!! I wanna see the birds that get raped, at least then I could rate them in some way. A sort of rapists appreciation so to speak.

    Then comments like "well......she was worth it", or "he raped that?!?! "She must've been gaggin for it with a head like that!"

    Is it too much to ask??
  6. Cheers for that smudge, how about I come round and smash a telegraph pole up your arrse, then youtube it for thee delight of morons like yourself.

    Even the NAAFI Bar has a certain decorum.

    re immigrant. He is may be tapped but deserves nothing more than a long drop stopped by a short rope.
  7. You really are a sanctimonious cunt at times aren't you?

  8. You can pop round whenever you're ready.......I've no long as people get the opportunity to rate it.

    She probably loved it anyhow.
  9. Dear me Choccy Fwog, have you been blown out or something? All this year you've been about as much fun as leprosy.

    Smudge, what are the ratings for a guy who thinks he's raped a chick only to find it's post op? Can he claim compo? Will his mates take the wee?
  10. Well obviously mates will take the pish, but marks will still be awarded for the looks of said post-op tranny. Bonus marks can be awarded depending on the authentic looks/feel of the surgeons work.

    Compo can't be claimed if the tranny is still pre-op, as it's the rapists own fault for not checking 1st.
  11. Ill bet all he learns in nick is bend over bitch and or suck harder slip licker.
  12. Agreed. There is nothing funny about rape, or the consequences of it.

    And anyway, I'm copyrighting the TV show name as Rate-my-Rape.
  13. sanctimonious cunt,

    fun as leprosy.

    I´ll take them both as complements in this case.

    How about you get back to me with your jolly japes should any of your loved ones end up raped? We could have hours of fun.

    Luckily none of my family or freinds have.

    Don´t feel bad, in a real NAAFI, I´d be the same.