Girl 'raped by a soldier'

red top newspapers are all the same, any sniff of a story and in they go! They only state,"We are for our boys!" when it seems likely to sell a few more papers. Come putting the boot in when we are down, they're the same as the rest, all cnuts! :evil:
Is it really rape or was it consensual sex, now a days there is some difficulty in ageing females as they often look a lot older that they are.
Even if the girls have lied about thier ages if the squaddies are found guilty then they could go down on the sex offenders list for being niave(sp??)
There is only one reason why teenage girls visit an army barracks and these 2 got exactly what they were after. Unfortunatly Dad found out and the sh*t hit the fan.
I do not condone what the two soldiers have done, the age of consent is there to protect minors and they have shown a degree of naivety, ignorance is no excuse.
Just a shame that cases like this take up police resources when there true victims of rape suffering.
I remeber a similar occurrence many years ago when at Chessington. The only reason it all came to light was because Daddy came screaming down to the camp to find his daughter and to get him off her case she alledged rape.

It all got very nasty for a while before she (thankfully) finally came clean.

As the father of a 14 year old I wouldn't let her anywhere near a bunch of squaddies!!! 8O
All females should be made to wear dogtags until the age of twenty one, nice and easy as she lifting her top just stare at her tits and the DOB - if the dog tags ruin your night, at least you got to see a pair :D

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