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Girl offers her virginity to highest bidder.

A vodka red bull and a handkerchief that I think smells of Chloroform, do you? Is my standard outlay for a shag. £2.5 million can get get fucked!
As it's clearly established what she is , it's just the price we're haggling over.

I'll start at half a bottle of Bacardi breezer, a boiled sweet and a copy of yesterdays Times.
Ive been preciously guarding my chocolate starfish for decades.

Now might be the time to cash it in .................hmm i wonder :cry:
She's not bad but the price seems a bit steep. I wonder though if cash was not a problem anyone on here would pay up just to make it the most degrading and dispicable act of her young life ?


Book Reviewer
Now, I'm not advocating anything illegal, like breaching of the trades descriptions act, BUT, what does it cost these days for a surgeon to fix a cherry?

What I'm thinking is, grab any bint you like, and farm out her virginity for a cool couple of million, then quick nip, tuck and flap at £20,000 later, and you can then re-advertise for another cool couple of million. Not bad margins in anyone's books.

FFS the whole family are whores............ not a bad thing but well over priced!

Maybe for that price you get two for one :twisted:

Must be cheeper to buy some Chloroform :roll:
Pffft septic girls will do anything for money, I know first hand. So this comes as no surprise to me. Can't imagine why somebody would pay £2mil to shag a virgin, if you've got that much money surely you'd just marry a gold digger who'd give you many shags before the inevitable split, where she then claims she needs money for her kids travel and her 'charities'.

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